Saturday, 9 March 2013

Easter Basket Ideas for Girlfriend

Easter is a religious holiday that's often celebrated with a gift exchange. Even though many people choose to focus on the children in this holiday, gifts your girlfriend this Easter having a special gift basket. A gift such as this can have her how appreciated and loved she's. Fill a beautiful pastel-colored basket with items which reflect her personality, hobbies, special interests and favorite treats.


Jewelry is a reasonably standard gift; however, it can be personalized to match the woman. There are a variety of artisans which make individualized jewelry, pieces that you can design yourself. Purchase a beautiful necklace that is funky yet classy at less standard jewelry stores or small, family-run operations. If she likes traditional-looking items or vintage, purchase jewelry from an antique store and discover its history for a more intimate approach.


Lingerie adds a little of spice to a relationship, and may bring a sexy feeling to the memorable time, event or holiday. A shirt or another type that reminds a girlfriend of her spouse is something that she can keep and cherish for many years. Whether it's the jersey or sweatshirt of your university or favorite professional athletic team, a woman can wear the items to bed or they are able to become her comfort clothes.


Giving a music player, for example an MP3 player, is a means of expressing your ex or appreciation through music. Fill the unit before giving it, making playlists of songs which have significance in the relationship. Wrap it in the original packaging so that the pre-loaded music may come as a surprise. Record some small messages or poems too and place them on their own separate playlist to surprise your girlfriend with words of endearment of your stuff that she can listen to anytime.

Pamper Her

Pamper your girlfriend having an Easter basket full of relaxing items. Leave her with the ingredients to create a soothing spa day in their very own bathroom. If she enjoys baths, include lightly scented bubble bath, bath salts and bath oils on her behalf to use along with a bathtub pillow and candles to make a tranquil atmosphere. Give her a manicure or pedicure set, full of nail files, polishes and nail art to make sure that she can give her hands and feet a delicacy after softening them inside the bath. Your girlfriend may also enjoy lush body creams, perfumes, salt scrubs and lip balm. If you’re searching to incorporate a more expensive gift, a gift certificate for just about any spa treatment such as a massage or facial will definitely be well received.

Flower Gifts

Easter is celebrated through the spring season and therefore, you'll be able to gift some beautiful handmade flower arrangements to them. Some special flowers with this particular occasion include lilies, daffodils, tulips, dahlias, water hyacinths, pulsatilla, etc. You have to arrange the complementing flowers together, remove excess leaves and wrap all of all of them with fabric, foil, laces, etc.

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  1. Beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and jewelry would be the perfect gifts her.