Monday, 22 June 2015

The Unique & Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

You're invited to a wedding gifts what should you get the happy couple? Consider one of these top wedding gift ideas. These recommendations can be tailored to any couple's interests and are sure to make them smile.Whether your wedding was traditional or informal and whether it took place recently or many moons ago, what made your wedding gifts truly memorable was not their cost or where they came from, but the generosity and love that they represented.

A lack of money or a desire to keep from overspending shouldn’t stop you from extending your well wishes to the happy couple. In fact, they’re probably more concerned that you show up to their big day than they are about getting a pricey present. That said, acknowledging a new union is important, so try looking for wedding gifts that are thoughtful  and you won’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money.

Crowdfunded Gifts

If you’re short on cash but really want to pack a big wedding gift-giving punch, consider starting a crowdfunding effort. This can be used to help pay for the honeymoon, reduce the couple’s financial burden, work toward a down payment on a new home, or simply help get a nest egg started. crowdfunded present are especially appropriate for destination weddings gifts, or if the bride and groom plan on moving and simply don’t have the space for larger items.

Honeymoon registry

The best wedding gift we received at the wedding gifts was that best friends and family fully embraced the wedding registry. Having lived together for several years, we didn't need household items, so we opted for a trip registry where people could choose to contribute to elements of best honeymoon, such as surfing lessons, a safari excursion, etc.

Honeymoon Gear

Find out where the couple is headed on their honeymoon, and you can probably come up with a few thoughtful travel wedding gifts on the cheap that enhance their trip without breaking your bank. Try these combinations.

Heirloom Champagne Flutes

These reassuringly weighty glasses are the sort that the happy couple could pass down to their children. The Irish company does a whole gifting range, but the favourite are these hand-cut, heart-design crystal flutes; a memorable gift that they’ll use to toast many anniversaries to come.

Wedding wardrobe

One of the best wedding gifts we received at the wedding gifts was seeing best family from Sweden dressed in their traditional formal wear at the ceremony. Not only did they travel the furthest distance to attend, they made room in their suitcases for the outfits and committed to wearing them even though they included heavy coats for the men and it was a very hot July evening. We were so touched it really showed how important they considered the wedding day to be.

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