Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Top 5 Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

It's getting harder and harder to buy a wedding gift these days. So many couples have already lived on their own, so they don't need too much. But that doesn't mean you have to buy another boring present! Here are 10 great wedding gift ideas, along with tips on making your present feel personal and unique. Before you shop, make sure you know the new rules for how much to spend on a wedding gift.

When wedding gift season is in full swing, you can spend a big part of your personal budget celebrating the brides and grooms in your life. Of course, are important gifts tokens of love to the people you care about, but there comes a point at which they cross over from gracious to burdensome.

Small Registry 

When a bride and groom create their registry, they’re usually encouraged to add a variety of items at different price points for wedding gift guests whose budgets may vary. If there’s a registry, take a peek: You might be surprised at how many smaller, less-expensive items there are alongside the top-of-the-line coffeemaker and new china.                      
                                                                      Silver Clock

This one is so simple that you may think to yourself: how come I haven’t thought of this first? However, such clock truly represents one of the most inspired gifts that you can offer for your parents wedding gift anniversary, and top of the cherry is you can actually personalize it with their names or a custom message of your choice.

Photograph Portrait

Therefore, the 25th wedding anniversary represents the perfect occasion for you to hire a professional photographer and make them a wedding gift they will never forget. In this regard make sure to run a background check on the photographer to see whether you’re ok with his/her style or not.

Silver Memory Frame

The most inspired choice for such event lies in a silver-plated memory frame in which to display one of the great moments they spent together or one important occasion for them. This could include a photo of their wedding gift, their children, friends, home they lived in, trips taken together and so on. You may even go as far as including a family tree, personal stories or notes, siblings and more.

Anniversary Plaque

Such plaque is truly a great chance to show your Anniversary parents just how much you love them and appreciate their marriage. These plaques usually come in a silver plating to highlight their importance for the event, and you can choose to personalize them with a message or quote of your own.

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