Monday, 29 June 2015

Best 5 Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

Baby showers gifts are fun celebrations that give friends and family the opportunity to show excitement for the new arrival with an abundance of baby gifts. Baby showers are also very helpful to new parents, as they can provide them with baby essentials and fun luxuries. If you are wondering what would be the perfect gift give to the new parents at your next baby shower gifts, then consider these popular gift ideas.

Baby is on the way, so it’s time to celebrate! With the list of practical yet adorable gifts, every mom-to-be will want you at their baby showers gifts. Gather your girlfriends, cut the cake and feast your eyes on these cute baby shower gift ideas for new moms.          
Baby bedding

Baby bedding Soft, fitted bottom sheets are a perfect addition to any nursery. You'll find colors and patterns to suit every family, from traditional pastels dotted with baby animals to bold black-and-whites and geometric patterns. You can be sure that any new parent will be grateful to have extra linens come laundry day.

Diaper bag

Diaper bag Whether you go practical or luxe, choose a style (like this Kate Spade Harmony Baby Bag, $295) that will look just as gorgeous on the street as it does next to the changing table.

Baby Bath

Put together a most popular gift basket containing a variety of luxe bath products for Baby (and maybe one for Mom). Include items like baby shampoo, moisturizer, sunscreen, a sweet hooded towel, and, of course, a rubber duck.


Baby clothing is one of the most popular baby shower gifts. Babies need lots of clothes to keep them looking their best because many infants will need several changes each day. Matching outfits, fancy dresses, and fun accessories make great baby shower gifts.

Baby monitor

Baby monitors have gotten pretty high-tech and are a wonderful way to help new parents be at ease when baby is sleeping. This movement and sound monitor from Angelcare is sensitive enough to track whether baby is breathing.

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