Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Easter Gift Ideas For Men

Easter baskets filled with goodies. Easter baskets are usually for kids, there is however no reason you can't treat the perfect man in your life to a grownup Easter basket only for him.

Easter Gift Ideas

Present a gift basket full of golf balls and tees or tackle and flies, since it is spring some time and men would be eager to move outdoors. Add small packets of sunscreen or lip balm plus some favorite snacks for a welcome surprise.

For any guy who is a music lover, gift him a music player or MP3 player. You can also gift some new music CDs from his favorite singer or band, some new earbuds or perhaps a new speaker for his room.

Gift an individual care hamper consisting of body wash, body spray, a new scrubby, scented soaps along with a shampoo.

Stuff the Easter basket with a few tickets to his favorite celebrity’s event, latest movie, a future concert or a sports match.

To mirror the true meaning of Easter, a classic present will be a gold or silver sterling cross on a neck chain. The people are sure to wear and treasure the gift for lifetime.

Instead of choosing an ordinary gift basket, get a six pack of soft drinks in a cardboard carton. Fill the empty slots with shredded colored paper or artificial grass. You can include other items like key ring, gift cards, coins and cologne too.

For a traditional Easter gift, fill a gift basket with gummy bunnies, jelly beans, yogurt pretzels, milk chocolate bunny, pears and apples, chocolate mousse confection and praline egg.

An item of good apparel, such as a T-shirt, shirt, pajamas or perhaps a track suit would be also an ideal gift to present guys. Ensure the piece you choose complements his personality and taste.

Guys would like to own new shaving supplies. Decorate their Easter basket having a layer of Easter grass and shaving accessories, for example shaving gel, a razor, cologne, aftershave and face creams.

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