Saturday, 11 August 2012

Beautify yourself with Blue topaz jewelry

Without gemstones jewelry designs are exactly like the sky without stars. Dazzling gemstones add a magical charm and shine to the jewelry designs. It is very hard to resist the temptation of the gemstone jewelry. Everyone wants to possess it, in order to lure people various precious and semi precious gemstones are crafted in valuable metals like gold and silver. Diamonds, ruby, opal, pearl, topaz, tanzanite, emerald, sapphire, onyx, turquoise, aquamarine and amethyst are most liked by people. Gemstone topaz is usually found in blue color, blue topaz jewelry is a favourite of contemporary. Generally topaz is colorless and found in moderate quantities all over the world. Apart from blue topaz, white topaz is also a popular gemstone.

Topaz contains iron, aluminum and silicon, it is said that iron is responsible for its color hues as apart from blue and white shade it is found in yellow, brown and brownish green. Other colors include colors pink, orange, violet and the rarest of all red. Among all the varieties blue topaz is widely used in Jewelry making. It is transparent and glassy gemstone. It’s been suggested that one should wear topaz with great care and protect it from hard effects. The specialty of this gemstone is that it can be cut in almost any size and shape. The largest piece of Topaz was found in Brazil weighing over 6 kilograms. In many parts of world it is found in silica rocks such as granite. During lava flows, it crystallizes in granite pegmatites..

In today’s times, fashion loving females are fond of flaunting off their beauty by sporting blue topaz earrings. They add a magical aura to their personality even girls love to beautify their fingers with blue topaz rings. One can easily find Blue topaz pendants on the jewelry stores, they add four stars to the look of a woman. Even the gemstone can also be given as a gift, guys can impress their girlfriends and beloved by gifting them dazzling and eye catching topaz.

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  1. I want to ask that where did you exactly found this blue topaz? Do you got some more interesting jewelry collection of gifts?