Thursday, 16 August 2012

Add four stars to your look with lovely Aquamarine Rings

Due to its unique dazzling blue shade, this gemstone is a hot favorite of women. Moreover, it is the first choice of Jewelry makers and designers across the world. To lure women, every now and then designers keep on evolving  new jewelry designs and they widely use gemstones to add a magical aura to their enticing creations. Aquamarine is a fascinatingly beautiful stone, the dazzling  blue stone holds a prominent position in the world of gemstones. It leaves the jewelry designers free to bring out the brilliance of the gem with fine edges, notches, grooves and curves.

Aqua means ‘water’ and marine symbolizes ‘of the sea’, the gemstone is popular due to its unique qualities and color. Interestingly, the enticing blue gemstone is the birth stone for the month of March. In India, the gemstone is popularly known by its trade name Beruj. The unique trait of Aquamarine is that its fine blue shades complement almost any skin or eye color. Blue is recognized as a divine color as it represents both water and sky, being dominated by Blue color Aquamarine is also associated with divinity. It imparts feelings of trust, friendship, harmony and sympathy. Due to its special qualities, the gemstone is most loved by fashion conscious females of 21st century. They love to flaunt off their style by donning Aquamarine Jewelry. Stylish college going girls like to match alluring aquamarine jewelry with their trendy outfits, in true sense it makes them stand apart in the crowd.

Even office going / professional females match their formal wear with aquamarine jewelry. The jewelry collection comprises of rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, anklets and bracelets. Aquamarine Rings add a magical charm to the beauty of females, be it a professional woman or a housewife they love to beautify their fingers with enticing Aquamarine diamond rings. Even lovers, especially guys are fond of gifting Aquamarine Jewelry to their beloved and win their heart; they are aware of the fact that females are a hardcore lover of jewelry and enticing ornaments melt their heart easily!

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