Thursday, 16 August 2012

Ramp up your look with these ravishing gemstone rings!

Rings are the most precious piece of jewelry for females. The reason being its connection to heart; rings which are generally worn on ring finger whose vein leads to heart directly are supposed to have a heart to heart connect. The custom of receiving and giving rings took place before almost 6000 years back.

Though the origin of rings is not yet traced out perfectly but Egypt can be tagged as the beginner country as the ancient rings have been discovered in scarab design. Egyptian rings initially became more common and were later replaced by Greek and Roman fashions. Though Arabian and Greek rings were almost just a replica or inspiration of Egyptian rings. Lack of locally available gold made Eastern colonies make rings from silver and bronze in majority.

The fourth finger which is also called ring finger is the right finger to wear ring on and this tradition was fostered in the times of World War 2. Though some countries use right hand’s fingers and others use left. It is considered that the vein of left hand’s fourth ring finger is connected directly to heart which denotes love and thus ring symbolizes purity of love.

Rings are of many types which include Aqiq rings, birthstone rings, championship rings, class rings, doctoral rings, cocktail rings, mood rings, eternity rings and engagement rings. Aqiq ring has religious mythologies and is symbol of Muhammad for Shea Muslims. Birthstone rings vary according to the birth alphabet and date of the wearer. Every sun sign symbolizes a birthstone. Championship rings are provided to the winners of the league in America, Mexico and Canada. Class ring is worn by students and alumni in their commemoration of graduation. Danish or Swedish University provides doctoral ring to signify the respect and honor of the doctorate degree holder and thus he posses’ doctoral ring. Cocktail ring is the favorite ring among ladies as this is made of major oversized gemstone in the middle ornamented by tiny sparkling stones surrounding it. This ring adds glamour to any attire. Eternity ring is the ring which symbolizes eternity of relations with partner.

Apart from the types of ring there are many gemstones rings which are flooding in markets boasting blue topaz, pearls, emerald, sterling silver, citrine, tanzanite, sapphire, amethyst and ruby.

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