Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Great Boyfriend Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are awesome; they're special, rare, yet regular. Let's be honest, unless you are born on the 29th of February, your birthday is a recurring event every year, only once a year, making it regular, yet, rare. Much more, if it is someone special whose birthday you're celebrating, then the birthday is much more special.

However, it is a fact that it's tough to shop for men. I'm certain many women would already be nodding their heads in complete agreement. If you are left confused, then relax, there's a way out. Sure, a gift is great option, but a loving gesture leaves an imprint on his mind and it is something he won't forget so soon. So, hey, you don't have to fret over buying gifts for the man. Something direct in the heart will also strike an electric cord.

Nevertheless, if you still desire to buy a gift, and if the man you're dating loves gifts (and being spoiled on your part!), then let's check out some birthday present ideas for boyfriend.

Birthday Gift Suggestions for Boyfriend

Romantic Gift Ideas

If you're a Mills and Boon, type couple, a romantic gift for him could make his day very special. Plan an unexpected evening for him, including a candle light dinner through the poolside, a long drive (you are able to drive, for a change) etc. Alternatively, you may also plan a romantic getaway in a nearby countryside and spend your day in each other's company. 

Intelligent Gift

Intelligent presents involve getting those birthday gifts for him which your lover longs for. However, you will need to start preparing a couple of months ahead of time to know what are the things he really needs. In case your partner has been totally mesmerized with a new mobile handset, but does not have plans to actually buy it, you'll be able to gift the same on his birthday. This makes for the perfect birthday gift for him.

Personalized Gift

Select a personalized gift for your boyfriend on his birthday. For instance, have a set of beer mugs engraved together with his initials. Many leather goods is also personalized, such as a briefcase, a wallet or perhaps a key chain. If you want to choose a more sentimental gift, pick a picture album and paint his initials around the front of it. Fill the album with pictures of these two of you.

Inexpensive Gifts

There's really no dearth of best and cute birthday gifts. You can cook his favorite dish and call him up over for a dinner or make him a nice birthday card, with love poems written onto it. You can even make a collage of the photos together and frame it. A jar filled with '100 reasons why I love you' is among the cutest gift ideas for his birthday. A container would also be a great idea. A variety of dark chocolates, his favorite music CDs and the favorite perfume would make a really cute birthday gift basket. You may also check out some other birthday gift basket ideas.

Thoughtful Gifts

Thoughtful homemade birthday gift  ideas are a great way of showing your lover how much you love and take care of him. If your partner has worked really hard and has no time for himself, then gifting him a gym membership or perhaps a spa voucher is an affectionate method of letting him know how much you take care of him. These things make up for  great birthday present ideas for husband.


Many guys enjoy hearing music. When your boyfriend is really a music lover, consider selecting a gift that complements his love of music. For instance, select vinyl records or CDs which include his favorite musicians or groups. Other music presents are an mp3 player, tickets to some live music show or perhaps a mixed CD of his favorite tunes.

Adventurous Presents

If your guy is a dare devil type, then what is the best birthday gift for boyfriend, than spending each day in woods or snorkeling or diving underwater! If he's a sport enthusiast, then offer to invest the day with him playing the sport of his choice.

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