Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Romantic Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

The best gifts I've ever received were inexpensive-a love letter, a framed picture, vintage jewelry. Creative gifts are always in fashion. They are personalized, thoughtful, and unique. Here are gift ideas for your girlfriend and wife. 

Spell It Out:
Make a list on decorative paper of everything you love about your partner. If you have great penmanship, handwrite the list. You can also type the list using a special font  Frame the list with a picture of the two of you.

Chocolate was thought by the Aztecs to have aphrodisiac qualities, invigorating men and making women less inhibited. It contains, and eating chocolate releases these mood-lifting agents into the system producing euphoric effects and giving an energy boost that increases stamina. . No wonder it is still associated with romance today. An array of traditional romantic chocolates can be found at along with more risqué chocolate body pens. 


There are many affordable anniversary jewelry gifts for both men and women. If you're a woman buying for your husband, consider getting him some cuff links or a ring engraved with his initials or a personal message. If you're a man buying for your wife, think about buying some earrings, a ring, a bracelet or a locket with a personal inscription. Enclose a picture of yourself in the jewelry item if possible. Use tradition to guide you in your gift-buying decisions. If it's your eighth anniversary, get something in bronze. If it's your eleventh, purchase stainless steel jewelry. If it's your fourteenth, get something in ivory. 

These roses are "just" paper, but they are beautiful and the presentation is excellent. They ship each order in clear long stem rose boxes with glitter, ribbons, tissue, and a personalized message. It is then packed into a brown cardboard box so as not to spoil the surprise inside. These roses are a little different from the traditional roses for they will last much longer. You can add your personal message  and one rose will have that message on it. This is a nice way to give a gift that is personal, romantic, and yet affordable.

Scented Candles:
An important part of romance is setting the mood. Candlelight is mysterious, comforting, inviting and alluring. Do not skimp in this area. Buy many candles of all shapes and sizes; votives, pillars, candlesticks, etc. Position them all over the bedroom or room of your choice where you want to set the mood. Choose a scent or combination of scents that are intoxicating. If you are new to combining scented candles and not sure what to do, use the same combination of scents in aphrodisiac oils found on the Internet. Scented candles will put romance in the air this Holiday season.

Scent-sational Gift:
Go to an herbal store and buy essential oils, such as lavender, rose, citrus, or bergamot. Combine the oils to form a signature fragrance. You may want to ask a store worker to help you find the best combinations, before you experiment.

Gift Variation:
If you really want to go all out, put your personalized fragrance in a perfume or cologne bottle. You can find inexpensive perfume bottles, in thrift stores, or flea markets.

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