Thursday, 18 April 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

When it comes to buying something for the boyfriend, you feel totally confused, since many of the time you don’t know what to gift. A boyfriend’s gift need not be super-expensive, but it should be thoughtful and private. Take into consideration how long you have been dating before choosing your gift. If you have been dating only a small amount of time, keep your gift inexpensive and on the fun side.

Gift Card

Gift cards are a good solution if you are unsure of things to get your boyfriend’s gifts. Examples include a gift card for any restaurant that has special intending to them, a store that sells items for any hobby they love or perhaps an online shop that they regularly buy things from. Alternatively, you can buy them a gift certificate for any place they have never visited but that you love.

Photo Gift

Photo gifts are wonderful choices for sentimental parents. You'll have a photo of your boyfriend’s family printed onto all kinds of gift items, such as a blanket, pillow case, cookie jar, mug, Christmas ornament, puzzle, calendar, poster, mouse pad, desk organizer, wall clock, cutting board or trivet. You may also have a photo of your boyfriend’s family inflated and printed on canvas.


A collection of fragrant, relaxing massage oils is a fairly gift the two of you can share following a day with the relatives. Prepay for any massage by a professional masseuse. If he’s a longtime boyfriend, spring for any full-body Swedish massage. Give a certificate for any full day of spa treatments, like a man’s facial, pedicure, manicure and foot massage.


A new watch tailored for your boyfriend’s interests makes a nice jewelry gift for that holidays. If your boyfriend is an active person, select a waterproof, shatterproof watch with some extra batteries. For that businessman, a gold-plated pocket watch having a romantic inscription inside may well be a good gift, while the scuba diver might appreciate a watch that doubles being an altimeter and accurately reads the water. Other jewelry options incorporate a plain gold chain or a pair of menrrrs cufflinks with his initials inscribed in it.

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