Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cut engagement rings a new design in engagement ring collection

It is rightly said that whenever you get a right person in your life don’t let them go, make them yours forever. God has made someone for you indeed couples are made in heaven but meet on earth according to the plans of destiny. Everybody needs a life partner in order to walk the journey of life. A true beloved multiplies one’s happiness and divides sorrows. An individual need companion to share their joys, ups and downs in life. The long journey of life can’t be walked alone, life partner brings love and happiness indeed he/she fills the emptiness of life.

When a person finds a true life partner in their lives, they decide to spend the rest of the lives together. But before commencing the journey of life together a girl and a guy have to follow certain social obligations. They need to enter a social custom called marriage where they seek the blessings of their near and dear ones to enter a new phase of life. Various customs and traditions are followed in wedding ceremony, a bride and a groom accept each other in front of society. Relatives of the couple dance with joy and happiness, they extend their wishes for the wonderful future of the bride and the groom. An important ceremony takes place before wedding called engagement ceremony. In this ceremony two persons exchange rings and accept each other as future partners. Indeed they make promise in front of their near and dear ones that they want to spend their lives together. It is said that engagement rings are worn on the third finger of a hand as its veins are directly attached to one’s heart.

If you are also entering a new phase of life and looking for a suitable engagement ring then you may go for Cut engagement rings. Princess cut engagement rings are most popular these days. Along with engagement rings jewelry shops are loaded with special Diamond Wedding Rings. You simply can’t resist the temptation of dazzling and mind blowing diamonds!

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