Saturday, 9 March 2013

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Easter Sunday is around the corner which is time to finalize your plans of watching the Easter parade or getting involved in the egg hunt that's such an important part of Easter. One tradition that just about every kid finds most exciting gets Easter baskets. These baskets, laden with different goodies and gifts have grown to be a symbol of the occasion that Easter is. It's absolutely difficult to imagine Easter with no goodness of homemade baskets decorated and full of treats like Easter eggs, candies, along with a varied number of gifts. As someone who is putting the basket together, it may be extremely confusing to ensure that the gifts you allow are age appropriate. We provide you with some ideas for your Easter baskets.

For Older Kids

As kids get older, they become more vocal regarding their likes and dislikes, and it may be a wise decision to keep their choice in mind. Coloring books, dolls, racing cars, instruments, etc. are all great gifts to put in their Easter baskets. Do not forget the traditional goodies like marzipan treats, bunnies, hot cross buns, cookies, and candies. Plush toys will always be a hit and you can always place tickets towards the theme park as a surprise.

Plant a Garden

This gift might not seem spectacular up front, but over time, your kids can come to understand. Choose your children's favorite fruit, like strawberries, and purchase strawberry plants to put in the dirt within the backyard. If you have limited space, buy seeds for any smaller plant or a potted flower and also have your children help care for it. Actively involve them within the digging, planting, sealing and watering of the guarana plant. Teach them that the work you devote now produces new and excellent achievements later. Hold your children to taking care of the plant throughout the seasons.

Religious Gifts

Since Christians observe Easter being an important holiday, meaningful religious gifts for children are fitting. Age-appropriate books of Bible stories or perhaps a children's Bible make thoughtful Easter gifts. Religious jewelry, like a necklace with a cross pendant or perhaps a bracelet bearing the Ten Commandments, is yet another special gift idea. There are many Bible-based games and toys available, too, so you can opt to give a gift that's significant and fun at the same time.

Baking Gifts

Instead of stuffing a basket with overly sweet treats, teach your children steps to make their own tasty goodies. Both girls and boys will enjoy spending time in the kitchen along with you and showing off their very own baked goods. Easter gift ideas include silicone baking pans or cups, spatulas, wooden spoons and bowls. Incorporate a few kid-friendly recipes you can make together.

Family Crafts

In case your kids are the creative type, treat these to a family craft day on Easter. Buy canvas, construction paper, paints, brushes, colored pens and pencils, craft glue, glitter along with other items. Have your kids create something which reminds them of Easter, whether that function as the Christian symbolism of the holiday, the Easter bunny or flowers blooming inside a field. Perhaps more importantly, participate together with your children and create your own picture. Discuss the outcomes, actively bringing more awareness towards the meaning of Easter and the significance of the changing seasons.


Your children are prime examples of new beginnings, change and growth. Through the years of their young lives, they've developed rapidly in mind and the body. For Easter, arrange a scrapbook narrating the life span of your child from birth to the current. Purchase an empty binder with nice pages and paste your pictures through the book. Write captions or stories for every page. Decorate the pages with filigree, craft jewels, stickers and glitter. At the time of Easter, sit your child down and take him with the book to let him understand how important he is.

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