Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Great Homemade Gift Ideas For Friends

Homemade gifts leave more of an impression than store-bought gifts, so choose your project wisely. Homemade gifts take time and energy to make, so plan your gift days in advance so that you are not rushing through the creative process. Making a homemade gift for your friend imprints your own touch and allows you to tailor the gift to your friend's personal taste.

Circular Photo Collage 

Photos are perfect keepsake memories for you and your friend. To make this you’ll need clothespins, a cardboard circle (size of your choosing), and pictures of you and your friend. If you want to have a photo in the center, you’ll need to have four clothespins with the clamp part facing inside the circle to attach to the photo. To do this, glue one of the legs on the open side of the clothespin down to the cardboard with the opposite end in the middle of the circle. Then around the outside of the circle, glue down the other clothespins as described before, but with the clamp part facing the outside. Then put the photos on inside the clamps. You can choose to fill up all of the clamps with photos or leave some empty for new photos and memories to come.

Bath Salts and Soaps

You are aware of the kind of stress and tension that your friend has been going through in the recent past. What better to give as a gift to help her relax than whipping up some bath salts and soaps that will refresh her. It is extremely easy to make bath salts at home if you have the necessary materials. Create a gift basket of bath salts and soaps of different fragrances and you will have a very relaxed and happy friend.

Chocolate Box

Chocolates are those sweets which are liked by everyone and mostly by the youngsters. Delicious little chocolate balls wrapped in a golden foil and packed in a charming handmade box is really an admirable gift which you can give to your bestie.

Jewelry Rack

Any woman you know would have a huge collection of jewelry that she never wears. Ask her why and she would tell you that it is because she can hardly ever find it in time. Make her the best thing that she could possess so that her jewelry is put to good use. A jewelry rack is a great option for a handmade gift and making one is very simple. All you need is a piece of plywood, sponge, felt paper, and your imagination. This board can make an amazing rack for all her earrings. Attach decorative, wooden door knobs at the end and she has place to hang her necklaces as well.

Decorative Candles

Candles are the symbol of light and joyfulness. This is another exciting idea of gifting on a friendship day. Gifting a lighting product to someone shows that you want to see the light of happiness and success in their lives. You can easily shop online for various decorative glass or different shapes candles which looks endearing.

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