Friday, 2 January 2015

Homemade Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal showers can be pricey, especially if you’re planning them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dazzle the bride with an impressive gift without spending much more.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas on a Budget

The best tip to finding a cheap but impressive gift is simply to ignore the registry. The bridal and wedding registry is usually made up of pricey gifts that are meant for distant relatives or people who don’t know the couple well enough to make an informed purchase. It’s true that the bride and groom put items they want on their registry, but other people will probably snag those things, leaving you free to purchase or make a less-expensive gift from the heart.

Remember, just because your gift has a smaller price tag doesn’t mean it’s any less heartfelt. In fact, a thoughtful gift might mean much more than another casserole dish. There are a number of affordable, useful gifts your friends are sure to love:


Create a DVD for the bride. Get together with some of her family members and friends and film them giving her messages of congratulations and advice about marriage. Place the messages onto the DVD, along with music and pictures of her and her groom-to-be. End the DVD with a special message from her future husband. This is a gift that she will treasure forever.

Wedding Day Survival Kit

While a wedding day is one of the most special days in a bride's life, it can also be very stressful, and a lot of things can go wrong. Help her be prepared for all of those things with a wedding day survival kit. Fill a gift basket with all of the things that she might need on her wedding day, such as headache medicine, stomach medicine, stain remover, a needle and thread, safety pins, hair pins, and a couple of her favorite snacks.

Recipe Book

Purchase a blank recipe book at a bookstore. These books allow you to write your own recipes on the pages, along with other information, such as where you got the recipe. Talk to some of her family members and friends and get their recipes for her favorite dishes. Hand write the recipes in the book. Leave plenty of space in each section so that she can add her own favorites and other recipes through the years.

Wedding Date Frame

Get the bride and groom started with a date frame that’s easy to make but impressive to give. First, find a frame with a few slots for 4″X6″ or 6″X7″ pictures (think discount or secondhand stores). Then use a simple Word program to type the date of the wedding in numbers big enough to fit the frame.

Decor Gifts

Decor gifts vary from practical to artsy, and from pricey to cheap, enabling you to easily discover something within your budget. Learn about your bride’s style before getting one of these, there is nothing worse than visiting a person pretend to like a gift they’re given. If you have enough details about her to know something she’d love, then great! These are actually excellent gifts that will be appreciated by both bride and groom in the future.

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