Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Best Romantic Gifts For Him

Romance does not have to be all about sap, champagne, and chocolate. When you want a romantic gift for the special man in your life, you have a multitude of options. If you are handy with crafts, you can put together beautiful-looking gift baskets that are sure to entice. However, there are plenty of options even if you are not the most talented decorator. The most important aspect of gift choosing is choosing something your significant other is sure to appreciate and enjoy. Try one of these romantic gift ideas the next time a special occasion rolls around to impress him and set the mood for love. Here are however a few guidelines on how to look for romantic gifts for your guy which will make him treasure the special relationship you share.


Raise a toast to your love by gifting your man a bottle of good wine. If he is a connoisseur go to the trouble of discovering some great Bordeaux wine that has matured well but the best among them may set you back by $600 for a 750 ml bottle. However if your pockets don’t run that deep, look for a $150 Dom Perignon . Again if your man is fond of other spirits,  some exclusive quality brandy like Cognac or liqueurs in various flavors can also make wonderful romantic gifts.


Bring a sparkle to your man’s eyes by giving him some classy jewelry. You can choose from rings, cuff-link and tie-holders in precious metals like platinum and silver. If your guy likes to flash his lifestyle, you could also go in for bracelets and chains. Again if you are feeling particularly extravagant, go for a solitaire ring or a pair of cuff-links studded with expensive stones like rubies. However if you are looking for something more affordable, settle for silver-plated jewelry but give it a special touch by getting it engraved with your initials.

Event Tickets

Experiences are the perfect way to show how much you care about someone. Look for tickets to his favorite sporting event, and complete the gift with jerseys and other memorabilia from his favorite players. Alternatively, you can look for concert tickets and treat him to backstage passes, some of the band's albums, or other merchandise. Find a way to make the night something both are sure to remember.

Music for his ears

It is a rare human who does not have his favorite genre of music. And what better way to remind him of your undying love than to gift him a collection of his favorite romantic numbers. You can either choose an album from the vast collection of CDs in a music store or go about compiling an album of the songs he likes best. However remember of include his favorite music, whether it is hard rock, hip hop or indie-pop. You may dig Latin rhythms or swoon over soft rock but it is not necessary that the same goes for your man. And if you really want him to be happy, give him something which he enjoys.

Romantic reading

Old classics in literature can make incredibly thoughtful gifts for the well-read man. Here again you can choose from an unlimited range of literary works starting from the sixteenth to the last century. If your man likes to quote verses, what can be more romantic than a custom-bound volume of Shakespeare’s Sonnets which are brimming with love and desire. But again if your guy is into serious fiction, Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms can be a good choice with its love story set in the times of war and confect.

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