Sunday, 28 December 2014

New Year Greetings Card 2015

New Year 2015 is less than a month away and the preparations of New Year celebrations are reaching heights. It is the time of the year when every individual is excited to welcome the New Year and make preparations for celebrations with family, friends and beloved people. No matter you are a kid or grown up person or even aged person you develop enthusiasm and spirit to celebrate this occasion. Every person has his own aptitude for taking part in parties and bashes arranged. Some take part in decoration of the venue, some are interested to decide the most popular food for the event and make arrangements for menu. Some people especially kids like to go door to door for inviting people to the celebrations and it is hell of fun.

Horoscope Cards: Give your friends and family playful glimpses into the future by creating horoscope cards to ring in the new year. To make these cards, obtain a horoscope for the recipient's sign from an online horoscope source or local newspaper. Re-type or copy this horoscope into the interior of your card. Decorate the front with the individual's astrological symbol to add aesthetic appeal and further customize the greeting.

New Year's Well-Wishes Poetry Card: Add a literary element to your new year's card by placing poetry in the card interior. Purchase or create a new year's greeting card. Select a poem about a new year with a relevant theme such as change or new beginnings, or flex your creative muscle by writing your own. This uncommon card inclusion will likely make your card more memorable than other options.

New Year's Ball Card: The crystal ball in Times Square is a commonly recognizable symbol of the start of a new year. Reflect this new year's ball theme in your card by attaching a petite disco ball to your card to represent this symbol. Purchase a new year's card, or create your own using thick card stock. Punch a hole in the top of the card near the fold. Tie a thin ribbon through this hole, attaching the other side of the ribbon to a disco ball key chain or large bead that looks like one of these reflective orbs.

New Year's e-Cards: Send cards without investing in postage by selecting and digitally mailing e-cards. Many companies, like those listed in the resource section, offer free new year's themed e-cards. Select the same card for all friends and family members, or customize the greetings more by picking a particular card for each person on your greeting card list.

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