Monday, 6 January 2014

Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

Valentines day is the day of romance, your day you show your special lady just how much she means to you. Do something special - and remember, special doesn't have to mean expensive. A Valentine’s Day greeting card can be a love letter which contains a heartfelt message with a lover, has romantic wordings and hearts strewn all over it. Statistics in the usa have revealed that the number of cards sent on Valentine’s Day is second largest after Christmas. So a card on Valentine’s Day features a very special meaning, even if the matter there is printed and ready-made. The Valentine’s Day greeting card has developed into a part of the package gift that you just send to your lover. But there are lots of ways to make it unique as you are sending it towards the most particular someone in your life. Instead of obtaining a greeting card in the local drugstore, you are able to choose something like a handmade Valentine card created from handmade paper and then a very little time to write down your own message for the lover. This personal touch might make all the difference to a simple card that you just buy and transform in to a love letter.

3D Homemade Valentine Card

If you've got the time you can make a really beautiful 3D homemade valentine card house of pressed and dried flowers. You can purchase these pressed flowers, or prepare some well ahead of time by selecting your significant other’s favorite flower and inserting it inside an old book. Just make sure it’s book you don’t mind damaging since flowers often stain books. Place the book below your mattress or under a pile of books for just about any month or two. Using a card made of cardstock for that base, you can paste these pressed flowers round the front of your card towards the left border, produce a short message on the right, and draw or paste several tiny hearts underneath the message. Next, you can start decorating the inside of the card using leaf printing. Have a leaf and paint everything over by having an even coat of paint (very light colors only) then press it down firmly round the card surface to create a leaf print. Produce a cute message or poem, sign it and you’re done!

Easy-to-make Homemade Valentine Card

If you’re tight on time but still need to make your own valentine card for your loved one, you possibly can make a simple but cute valentine card saying everything. For this craft project you’ll take some good quality card stock, handmade paper or thick craft paper. You’ll find different types of colored paper within the market and they are available in different weights, textures and colors. You will also need a pair of scissors, some colored pens and paint (optional).

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