Monday, 13 May 2013

Homemade Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Creating a homemade gift for the boyfriend does not require any special skills or substantial levels of creativity. Making things manually that demonstrate how much he way to you can help you say what words cannot. Whether you concentrate on a special occasion the two of you shared, or simply create something uniquely for him, he'll obtain the message loud and clear with these creative homemade gifts.

Crafty Gifts

A high level crafter, these gifts will help you exercise just a little creativity and show your flair for those things crafty. Most of these gifts don't require advanced crafting skills, so you can now complete them.


Chronicle your passion for your special guy by scrap booking your relationship. Decorate each page with pictures, stickers, ticket stubs, and maps of the favorite destinations together. You may also journal each page with the feelings you had at certain points inside your relationship. Leave several pages blank for future events and activities.

Memory Box

Buy a plain memory box from the craft store; a shoe box would work. Use your creativity to decorate this area, including stickers, scrap booking die cuts, or perhaps decoupage. On the outside, write a love poem or quotes, or paste in your favorite picture of the the two of you. Inside, place mementos of your energy together such as pictures or ticket stubs. He is able to add new items to this area in the future.


Take your favorite pictures like a couple, and create a collage on heavy card stock paper. Frame your collage, or give a cardboard backing and picture hanger. This gift reminds him of the good times you've spent together.

Other Creative Gifts

Posses zero crafty bone in your body? That's okay, they then just require a little creativity along with a romantic soul.

Post Your Love

Combine several packs of Post-It notes together to create a tall stack. On the first page, write instructions for him to peel one Post-It off every day. On each page next, write a memory, love quote, poem, or perhaps a short, 'I Love You.' Post-It notes result in the process of creating this gift easier because the sheets stick together easily, however, you could also make a desk calendar with note cards or smaller bits of paper.

Make a Movie

It's not hard to make a movie for someone you like, and this can be done at minimal cost. Sites that provide video services include Animoto and Masher. On these websites, you can upload your own videos and photographs, and download your favorite music to produce a slideshow or mashup of your favorite memories. Tools you'll need include a computer, Internet access, digital pictures and downloaded music. These websites are very self-explanatory, and walk you through the entire process of making a movie one step at any given time.

Create a Playlist

Put together a thoughtful playlist of affection songs that will remind him of your time you spent together and places you've been. If you use iTunes, you'll be able to add pictures for your playlists. Once a playlist is put together, you have to borrow or sneak his iPod or any other music player away from him and download it. If he makes use of an iPhone and you cannot steal it away, you may make him a homemade certificate for that download, and do it at another time.

Picture frame

Make a copy of the favorite picture of you two. Buy a frame, keeping in mind his personality. Simple wood or silver frames in many cases are the best choice for men. Frame the image, and wrap the gift in sturdy paper therefore the glass does not shatter.

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunts are fun and inventive, and you can make them as small or big as you like. Start by hiding small treasures around your house or town. The treasures ought to be something meaningful to you like a couple, such as a favorite picture placed in the spot you met, or perhaps a CD of a concert in the venue where you saw it. Be sure to notify workers in the area should you venture beyond your home, therefore the treasure is not thrown away. Each spot must have a clue to the next spot, and you may include a map as well. The ultimate treasure should be you!

Romantic Evening
An intimate evening is a wonderful way to reconnect together with your boyfriend. You can make (or order in) his favorite meal, light some candles, switch on some relaxing music, and meet him in the door with a smile. You may also turn your bathroom into a spa, with scented candles along with a bubble bath.

Homemade in the Heart

Making a gift for the boyfriend is a loving and thoughtful gesture that shows him just how much he means to you. Bear in mind, you can also buy him the latest gadget or any other gift that he wants, and mix that with a homemade gift that you simply created yourself. He will understand the effort and wonderful memories that the gift brings.

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