Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Gift Basket Ideas for Newlyweds

Today, selecting a wedding gift for family or friends can be difficult. If a couple already lives together, it's hard to know what they need, and just what they all ready have. If you wish to give a thoughtful and creative gift, try creating a homemade gift basket. You may create a customized basket that will reflect the interests from the bride and groom. Here are a few ideas for gift basket for a number of interests and themes, ideal for newlyweds.

The Cooking Gift Basket

When the wedding couple enjoys cooking, consider using a thoughtful honeymoon gift basket filled with cooking utensils, kitchen accessories and cookbooks. Line the basket having a cloth apron, and add silicone oven mitts, rubber spatulas, along with a whisk. Add a cookbook with quick dinner ideas, for example Rachel Rays 30 Minute Meals 365 No Repeats. The pair will be able to select from a huge variety of dinner options which are quick and easy to make. Add some hand towels and washcloths which will match their kitchen d├ęcor. To have an even more personal touch, then add recipe cards all ready completed with recipes from your own kitchen. A gingham bow offers the finishing touch.

The Great Outdoors Gift Basket

When the bride and groom are avid campers, hikers, or simply outdoorsy, this gift basket will be handy during their next trip. Line a gift basket with shredded brown packing paper. Pack cellophane gift bags with trail mix (homemade or bought) granola, and nuts. Tie each bag having a raffia bow. Add some granola bars, reusable water bottles, along with a colorful tin, filled with beef jerky. Bug spray and sunscreen become fun accessories when wrapped with gingham or raffia bows. Give a travel book, preferably to some place the newlyweds would like to visit at some point. Thru Hikers Guide to America: 25 Incredible Trails you are able to Hike in One Eight Weeks by E. Schlimmer is a great choice. Lastly, place a few maps and travel brochures of camping and hiking destinations close to the couples home, to help them plan an enjoyable day trip.

The Gardening Gift Basket

When the newlyweds already own their very own home, this wonderful gift basket continues giving long after the wedding. Rather than basket, you could use an oversized plastic planter. To decorate it up a bit, spray paint the planter inside a color that compliments the newlywed's house. Line the planter with grass green tissue paper. Add packets of flower bulbs and seeds. Tie a floral ribbon round the handles of trowel and spade, for additional color. Tuck in some matching his and her gardening gloves. When the bride and groom are novice gardeners, it's a good idea to include a book on gardening, for example Gardening for Dummies by Mike MacCaskey. Give a gift certificate to a local nursery for any finishing touch. This makes a great housewarming gift too.

The Honeymoon Send Off Gift Basket

A great idea I got from a wedding party I catered, many years ago. The maid-of-honor were built with a deluxe chocolate gift basket sent to the honeymoon suite like a surprise for the bride and groom. She included chocolate truffles, a bottle of the favorite wine, and beautiful wine goblets. There is also chocolate body butter (it had been their honeymoon, after all) and strawberries drizzled with chocolate. What better way to begin wedded life?

Welcome Home Dinner Gift Basket

A bride and grooms first day back using their honeymoon can be hectic, with unpacking, making up ground on mail, opening wedding gifts, and becoming ready to go back to work. A thoughtful gift to provide is a basket containing all of the essentials for the first meal in your own home. You can arrange to place the gift basket within the fridge, the day before they arrive home, so it's ready and waiting for the happy couple. Line a gift basket with four dinner napkins. Convey a casserole dish (they can keep) full of an easy to reheat dinner. Give a loaf of crusty French bread, a bottle of the favorite wine, and something sweet for dessert. Place candles and matches within the gift basket as well, to keep the honeymoon mood. Don't forget the directions for reheating the casserole.

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