Monday, 8 October 2012

Christmas Gifts for Baby

Though it is a little difficult to choose a gift for such small babies, there are certain things which are universal and can be gifted at any time. Among these presents some options available are, huggable baby toys, baby clothes and accessories based on Christmas theme, chocolate and candy packs, or some personalized Christmas ornaments. Here are a couple of special Christmas gifts perfect for the babies, making their Christmas really special:

Woodsong Kids First Christmas Box

This is an unforgettable Christmas gift for a baby and his parents. The porcelain box, measuring 5" in diameter, is decorated with an adorable little bunny rabbit and its teddy bear friend. Inside the box there's a beautiful small porcelain ornament that reads "Baby's First Christmas". An outstanding bauble to cherish, this makes a wonderful Christmas present for babies.

Baby Boy Santa Suits

It is an absolute delight to see cute little babies dressed up as Santa, in his classic red and white furry costume. The traditional Santa hat adds the charm to the overall look of the baby. These costumes have the extra advantage of getting the names of the babies embroidered and thereby allowing the families to preserve these cute gifts , even after when the babies outgrow them. Hence these costumes are one of the most popular Christmas gifts for babies.

Baby Girl's First Christmas Gift

Give your little angel a first ornament that she'll want to treasure forever. The "Baby Girl's First Christmas” ornament from The Precious Moments will make your heart melt. It is made up of porcelain bisque, measures 2 ½ " tall and weighs 1 ¾ oz. It is also dated properly, making it a perfect keepsake that will not only be cherished for it's meaning but it becomes a collectible item as well for the growing baby.

Teddy Bear and Baby Bank Christmas Basket

This Christmas baby gift contains a very soft and cuddly teddy bear that is perfect for a new baby. It is available in two colors, baby pink and a light blue color and it says "My First Teddy". Also, included in this gift basket is a pretty baby bank with pastel pictures of a butterfly, flowers and a lady beetle. For the proud parents, there is a piccolo bottle of Wine that can be shared with the family. These gift baskets are beautifully presented in a quality cane basket and wrapped in cellophane with complimenting pastel bows and ribbons of Christmas colors.

Christmas Rag Dolls

In the name of a toy, these rag dolls are amazing cuddly gift items for cute little babies. Dressed according to the festive spirit in the plaid Christmas dress, velvet shoes and holly hair bows, these dolls are available in Asian, African, Caucasian, brunette and blonde forms. These dolls can also be provided the name of the babies, by embroidering the letters on their dresses, and thereby creating a very strong memory of the baby's Christmas.

Baby's First Christmas wood Album

You can create a very chronologically arranged memories of first few years of a baby's Christmas, in these 100 paged wooden photo albums. The images would remind you of how you planned everything out, and in the future help the subject to see how he or she was involved in every thing even at that age. So gift this wood album to the new parents to create amazing memorabilia of their baby.

Chocolates and Candies

These Christmas delicacies are a universal gift item for people of any age group, but the one who takes most delight in them would be the teeth less babies. They would nibble at these candies and

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