Saturday, 6 October 2012

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Half of the fun of getting or giving gifts is seeing the beautiful wrapping jobs that can be done. From fancy paper to curly ribbons to DIY adornments, there are so many ways to make your gift stand out from the rest. In this gift wrapping series we will bring to you unique ways to wrap the Cloud 9 Living gift packs as well as themed gift wrapping for the array of experience gifts Cloud 9 Living offers. So copy them, pin them and tell your friends.

Christmas gifts are often wrapped in the same old colored wrapping paper every year, sometimes literally the same wrapping paper (since I think it’s a bit of a waste to toss perfectly good wrapping paper each year). Even if you don’t obsessively fold and store your gift wrappings after every holiday season, the patterns and designs are always the same, and sometimes you just want a change with a unique or more personal touch.

Ribbon Weaving

This beautiful gift wrapping idea offers a kind of understated elegance for your package. To get started on ribbon weaving, you will need double-sided tape, scissors and a wrapped present. You should also carefully select two different colors of ribbon that complement each other aesthetically.

To do ribbon weaving, you should wrap three pieces of ribbon vertically around the box. Tape the ribbon at the back and make sure that you alternate your two colors of ribbon. Make sure to tape the ribbon to the other side of the ribbon. If you tape it to the package, it will be difficult to adjust it later on.

Layering Wrapping Paper

One unique idea is to layer different colors of paper on top of each other. You could try wrapping the box in your favorite color before adding Kraft paper cut-outs to different portions of the box. On Valentine’s Day, you can shape the Kraft paper into heart cut-outs or spell out ‘love’.

Think green while you wrap and use recycled paper. You can either use brown paper or use some newspapers you have at home. Wrap these papers around the box as a base layer. Afterward, you can cut out a strip of beautifully patterned paper. Lay this patterned paper across the middle of the box and tape it down. To make more layers, cut increasingly small segments of different patterns. Tie it off with a matching ribbon and you have a unique, elegantly wrapped gift!

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

From recycled paper to unique designs, these creative gift wrapping ideas are a must for the individual who wants to give a perfect gift. You can recycle the Sunday comics for an original gift wrapping idea or use foreign-language newspapers. For an entirely customized paper, use some photographs to create a photo-collage wrapping paper.

Musicians can try using the sheet music of their favorite song to wrap a gift. On your anniversary, try using “your” special song. Travelers may also enjoy a gift wrapped in world maps. Buy a map of their dream vacation to make the wrapping paper truly extraordinary.

Hand Prints and Finger Painting 

For children, try wrapping the gift in plain white or brown paper. Using paint, brush different colors onto their hands and let them make hand prints on the paper. You can also let your child finger paint on the gift wrapping paper for a colorful, unusual design.

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