Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How to Make a Tea Gift Basket

Homemade tea gift baskets would be wonderful gifts for just about any holiday or special occasion for tea lovers. They're very thoughtful gifts for anyone who is "under the weather" or as hostess gifts. You are able to personalize these gifts and make them for just one or more people; or for a person.

A white wicker tray or pretty flower pot could be lovely gift containers for a woman. While an all natural wicker or wire basket could be more appropriate for a man. Small wooden crates works well also.

If you've never designed a gift basket before, you may want to visit steps to make gift baskets for detailed step by step directions: unusual filler suggestions, lovely decorating tips, unique container ideas, and learn to tie bows.

Find an inexpensive basket produced from wicker or rattan. Line the basket inside with fabric. To increase the benefit of the gift basket, use colorful cloth having a floral, gingham or plaid print.

Premium teas. Teas are available in every flavor under the sun - and more! Get a nice selection of great flavors. Try organic teas or fair trade teas for an additional, thoughtful touch. Also get a mix of several different types, including green tea, black tea, Earl Grey, Oolong, Chai, and much more. Get a blend of caffeinated and decaffeinated for various times of day.

A small teapot or tea kettle.

A mug for cold afternoons whenever a small tea cup just won’t do.

Honey sticks or perhaps a container of honey. Try to look for local (the recipient’s locality) honey, that is great for the immune system.

Go to your local grocery or health food store to buy some gourmet tea. Find a number of teas such as black, green and herb teas. Also consider chai, oolong, red and white tea. Search for different flavors, such as citrus, berry, mint, jasmine, earl grey and vanilla. Favor teas which are packaged in small, individually wrapped packages over teas which are loose or in unwrapped bags. Should you choose opt for the loose tea, make sure to purchase a tea infuser for the basket.

Search for tea cups, teapots, kettles, trivets and cozies. Try looking in particular for items that are decorative which go well together. Match the colours and patterns of the items towards the personality of your recipient. For instance, select dark, solid colors if you are making the gift basket for men. Choose soft colors and prints if you are making it for a woman. Also ensure that the items will be small enough to suit in your basket.

Find some decorative sugar cookies with colored icing. Also search for treats such as chocolates, brownies, petit fours or biscotti. While you are browsing the snacks, get some dried fruit and nuts in small packages. Then obtain a jar of gourmet jam to get in the basket.

Add any extra accessories you think your recipient would really like. For example, a picture frame, scented candle or perhaps a small stuffed animal could help to fill an empty spot in a large gift basket.

Put the gift items in the basket inside a decorative arrangement. Tie on the ribbon, bow or other ornament that suits the basket's color theme.

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