Friday, 12 October 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends

Friendship, is the most beautiful word ever invented. It is our friends, who stand by us when the rest of the world backs out. They stay with us through thick and thin. Whether you need someone to talk to or you just want to share the latest gossip you have heard, they are ready to listen to you. Christmas is the season of caring and sharing. Giving out gifts to your friends is one of the most wonderful traditions of Christmas. 2000 years ago, three wise men brought gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense for baby Jesus, when he was born. Since then, the tradition of giving out gifts to your loved ones started.

Friends are the best part of our lives, without any doubt. The bond you share with your true friends is an honest and informal one and you know you can rely on them at moments of difficulty. They revel in your success and encourage you in your failures. They are the ones with whom you share your feelings and experiences, which cannot be shared with parents or family. They promise to keep your secrets and show you a right way when you go wrong. To the special friends like these, you must express your love and feelings from time to time and especially on special occasions . What better way is there to say that you appreciate them and wish them well at Christmas, than to choose an appropriate Christmas gift for each of your special friends.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends

A memory scrapbook

You and your friend have been together for many years now and have spent innumerable Christmas together. Then how about creating a memory scrapbook of all those years! Cut out and paste some of the best pictures you have of those nostalgic days and make a nice scrapbook with appropriate quotations at the appropriate place. This would definitely provide you a weepy time this Christmas.

A unique gift

One of the most fun filled gifts, that you can give your friend is a surprise Santa visit. All you need to do, is arrange a Santa costume for yourself, wear the famous white beard and wig, with a hat and materialize at his place with a huge bag of candies and chocolates and other smaller gift items. This would literally make both of yours' days.

Christmas candles and ornaments

Everyone uses Christmas decorative items to adorn their houses during the festive season. You can gift a basket full of perfumed candles, or various shaped candles like Santa, or snow man along with other ornaments like Christmas trees, balls, stars, angel figurines, gift wraps and so on. Through these items your friends would be able to deck up their houses or a Christmas tree.

Personalized clothing

You can create something unique for your friends this Christmas, and gift them personalized T shirts with Christmas quotations or pictures. You can also choose from other clothing items such as sweaters, jackets, a muffler or caps. These personalized messages could also be in your own embroidery, if you know that art.


These trendy modern technological items are a perfect gift choice for people of your own age. This Christmas, surprise your friends by a useful present like a digital camera, a latest I Phone, I Pod or video game. If you want to go for somewhat less expensive gift item, then you can buy some accessories for these gadgets. You can also gift computer games or car accessories.

Traveling kits

Another interesting Christmas gift for your friends is a lightweight, fold-out hiker first aid bag from REI that contains everything a hiker or camper needs for wilderness emergencies. Other traveling kits include bag packs, traveling guides, water bottles, folding toiletry kit, hand washes, and many other things.

Music and Movies

Being close to these friends you would be aware of their likes and dislikes, and especially music is something that all friends share with each other. So make a compilation of their favorite music albums in CDs or tapes or you can also gift their favorite movie DVDs to your friends. What would be even better is a collection of Christmas movies and enjoy them together with drinks.

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