Saturday, 18 August 2012

Be in trend with Silver Fashion Rings!

Jewellery has been a fascination from the time of civilization. Female’s world has always been filled with jewellery fantasies. The world of jewellery has been always intermingled and affected by fashion trends. Fashion has molded the tastes, patterns and designs of jewellery. Be it 60’s heavy jhumkas or 70’s jitter jewellery pieces, every trend brought fresh sweep of air and redefined the world of ornaments in its own style.

Pick anything in jewels to make a woman smile. A pretty pair of earrings or dazzling danglers, nice neck pieces or bewitching bracelets, every object of jewelry has its own charm and design which gets changed according to the trends.

The word ‘jewelry’ is derived from the French word ‘jouel’ and Latin word ‘jocale’ meaning plaything in British English. The oldest form of jewelry was found 100,000 yrs ago in form of beads made of Nassarius shells. The first country where the civilization of jewelry was originated was Egypt. Jewelry has been composed of many precious gemstones but some ordinary stuff like metals, beads and shells have also been used to made many part and objects of jewelry according to the times, prevalent culture and status symbol.

Jewelry later became the objective of prestige and every object began to be weighed like a precious object and from then on the trend of treasuring jewel pieces emerged. Keeping jewelry in large amounts to camouflage the huge inner flow of cash has been common practice among in many countries.

Glass, wood, shells, plastic, gold, beads, diamonds, amber, amethyst, emerald, jade, jasper, quarts, silver, ruby, sapphire, turquoise and countless many more have been used to create many objects of jewelry used to adorn anyone from tip to toe.

Jewelry is the symbol of status in some countries like in Rome only a limited class can put on rings and there were some laws to definite and categorizes who could put on which kind of jewelry according to their ranks.
India has the history in jewelry making from last 5000 yrs and Indus Valley Civilization was from where the trails of oldest forms of jewelry were found.

Silver jewelry has been the trend of the town always as fashion never fades with silver due to its chic shine and look. Silver fashion jewelry also showcases its vintage look and yet gives a royal classy touch to any attire. Silverfashion rings for women here are crested with precious jewels are piece to treasure.

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