Saturday, 18 August 2012

Arm the charm of long cuff bracelet for women!

Bracelet, armlet or wrist band, whatever you call it, but this brilliant piece of jewel has become a must-have object to posses for young generation. It might be made of metal, leather, cloth, lace, shells, beads, rocks, woods, jewels and gemstones.

The history of bracelets can be traced in Egypt first which is almost as old as 5000 BCE. Scarab bracelet is one of the most ancient recognized bracelets in world. Carved scarabs were wrapped into linen bandages of mummy and were worn as jewelry.

A tradition called Martis is famous in Greece whereweaving a bracelet from red and whitestring on the first day of March and wearing it till the end of summer. This practice is helpful in protecting wearer’s skin from strong Greek sun.

In Latin America, Azbanche bracelets are worn to protect against evil eye. The evil eye phenomenon, which is actually a negative aura created by excessive admiration born out of immensely high success. New born baby in Latin America is also tied with this bracelet to protect them from bad auras around.

Charm bracelets possess personal charms which signify important things in wearer’s life by including relative trinklets and gems. Bangles are also a solid form of bracelets which are specially worn in India to signify that the female is married.  Slap bracelets are covered metal strips curved and adorned with neon colors and vivid graphics.

Beaded bracelets are made out of loose beads tied and interlaced around with each other. Link bracelets link alternative gemstones together which includes variety of metals. Karma bracelets contain various charms associated with bringing good luck and good karma to the one who wears it.

There are many others like iodized bracelets, power balance hologram bracelets and magnetic bracelets. Karma bracelets are made of wood beads. Sports bracelets are made of rubs and leather and give a rough and tough funky look. There are ribbon made bracelets too and these ribbon bracelets can be utilized for some campaign and promotion.

The fragile form of bracelets comes with the jewelry form in bracelets which is exclusively made as women adornments and here we are showcasing feminine looking fragile long cuff bracelet for women.

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