Friday, 25 September 2015

Top 5 Creative Christmas Gifts For Your Employees

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is undoubtedly a favorite holiday for many of us (myself included). While this remains a family tradition, its magic has spread into workplaces as well, making managers wonder what the best Christmas gifts for employee would be.

Various options exist when buying items for employees. Collective gifts may prove a great choice to avoid any unnecessary friction, but personalized christmas gifts for each individual are not out of the question either. This all depends on the size of the company and the number of people in the department. Take the opportunity to give items that not only show appreciation, but may also boost productivity in the future.                            

A backpack is a safe place for them to stash all their gadgets, documents and gears when they are out-and-about.Take note of the features that a backpack has before buying. You wouldn’t want to buy a hiking backpack for someone who just needs it for his daily commute

Collective Gifts

Thoughtful gifts for employees need not be expensive. For big groups, giving them the same type of gift provides an option. Functional items, such as fun USB ports or flash drives are useful for both work and personal matters.

Cell phone

Whether this counts as a gift would depend entirely on how you structure your pay and benefits. On some operations, paying a cell phone bill might be part of the benefit structure on others, it might be a great Christmas bonus.

Picture Frame

the person’s name, add a story to the engraveable picture frame to make it unique for the recipient. You can also select one story that represents a challenge or triumph your team experienced this year. Under the story, insert the employee’s name, company name, and a date.


Although there are many fitness tracking apps, fitness enthusiasts prefer to use smartwatches instead. This could be because a smartphone is too heavy or bulky to carry for a run or for sports. Furthermore, GPS signal can be poor if you choose to place the phone inside your pocket.

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