Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Best Unique Gift Ideas For Art Lover

Art Lovers Sometimes getting a gift for someone can be really hard! After all, you want to give that person something they will truly love, but you don't want to break the bank doing it. Do you have an art lover in your life? Don't we all. Here are some fabulous art lovers  gifts that will please anyone who loves art of any kind. There are items in all price ranges so you're sure to find something that the art aficionado in your life will thank you for every day of his or her life and that you can feel good about giving.

Art books

Can’t go wrong with a big book of art. As far as books go, artist books can be quite pricey, but not without reason. I see it as getting a miniature condensed version of an entire collection. A big ol’ book of your art lover’s favorite artist present is sure to be a success.            
Phoenix Art Museum

Gifting a museum membership is like buying someone thousands of pieces of art that they don't have to find space for in their home. Membership to PAM comes with unlimited free admission and invitations to members-only exhibition previews, among other things.

Original painting

There’s nothing like getting something one-of-a-kind for someone. Choosing to buy an original from an artist or gallery you love not only supports those entities but is also quite a touching thoughtful gift because you obviously had to take the time to carefully select that one piece.

Coloring Book

Give them a challenge with this Expert level coloring book. They’ll have to have some rock solid focus to stay in the lines when there are so many different lines. But the finished pieces come out looking great, and any artist will love a break from having to create from scratch.

A print

I absolutely love original prints. Quite often you can purchase an original limited edition print for a lower price than a painting (not that I would ever try to discourage buying an original painting. I am a painter. I need to eat). Whether a lithograph, etching or a photograph, getting a print is a great unique affordable solution.

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