Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

The Chinese New Year is knocking in the door. Your last minute plans are high and alert for this. So, what are you as much as? Calling your Chinese friends over the New Year party or else you got some invitation to attend china New Year party?Whatever be it, why don't you surprise them by presenting Chinese New Year gifts. The easiest method to bring happiness on your pal’s face is as simple as giving them something which is very near to their heart. Your Chinese friends would like to receive personalized New Year gifts.

It is customary to commemorate special attractions in life with the ritual of gift -giving and Chinese New Year isn't any exception. One very important tradition from the Chinese New Year is the ritual of exchanging gifts. Chinese New Year Gifts capture the ethos of Chinese culture and also the established ways of life in China. Boasting past 5000 years from stone carving to contemporary hi-tech gadgets, China displays the earth's most artistic culture.

It's not possible to seize the essence of these a vast and vivid culture. But Chinese New Year Gifts are credited by becoming a medium to showcase a lot of the quintessence of Chinese culture and also the tradition. Chinese New Year Gifts run a gamut from Lanterns, Chop Sticks, Cane Umbrellas, T/Shirts, Dragon Heads, Fans, Bamboo Hats, Statues, Postcards and lots of other wonderful items.

An old custom which has an important role in Chinese New Year is Hong Bao. This requires gifting small red envelopes full of "lucky money". These envelopes are given to children and unmarried adults through the married couples. The red color is recognized as to bring good fortune, and the money within the envelope is used by these to buy holiday treats.

Probably the most important Chinese New Year gifts is the ‘Lai See’ or ‘Hong Bao’. They are red and gold envelopes that are gifted from a senior to his junior. His seniority might be in the terms of old age, high position inside a workplace or even by marriage. Married people can give these envelopes to people who are not married.

These envelopes really are a sign of prosperity and wellness and are a part of an age old tradition. The Lai See envelopes contain some money and are a gesture of excellent luck from the senior visitors to their juniors. The amount given like a gift is not fixed but there is a particular tradition of giving a sum which is an even number. The grateful recipients are generally the subordinate employees of the office or young children. This gift is offered in different ways in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland china.

Chinese calligraphy can also be an excellent choice of Chinese New Year gifts. China is known for a very rich cultural history. China offers an enriched and artistic culture and calligraphy that's been a part of it since long. Bright strips of paper could be adorned with the best calligraphy and could be given as gifts. Or these may be printed on various items for example metallic pots, earthen wares or any other similar items. Such gifts will always be appreciated by the recipients and regarded to be the most wonderful gifts.

An important part from the Chinese New Year festival is the lantern festival which signifies no more the celebration period. The lantern festival may be the one where people grace the parade having a dragon dance. So, a pleasant Chinese New Year Gift could be a lantern which happens to be the most popular gift item. People parade the streets with one of these brightly lit lanterns and witness an ideal ending to the beautiful festival.

Nowadays, gifting is creating a turn towards presenting something of the practical nature to the recipient. Rather than the traditional items, people present one another with latest gadgets, mobile phones and even digital calendars. Another gift item that is in vogue is wine. There are different varieties like dry red wine, medium dry wine, and great wall dry wine. Many of these are good options for Chinese New Year gifts.

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