Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Gifts for Boys

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the entire year for boy. This could be due to the built up anticipation for the Christmas presents they expect from Santa to be good during the year.

Christmas gift ideas need courage and can power. While girls tend to be more inclined towards doing artistic & beautiful tasks, boys care more about something masculine. Here are few Christmas boy gifts..

Trash Pack

The garbage Pack launched in December 2012 and already over 3 million individual Trashies happen to be collected. Boys are eagerly awaiting the discharge of Series 3, which will be available before Christmas, and includes loads more gross characters to discover.

Kids might have loads of fun taking out the trash using the Garbage Truck. Use the Tip ‘n Flip action or Wheelie Bin Launcher to catapult the Trashies in to the truck and clean up Trash Town! Each Garbage Truck includes two exclusive Trashies.

Go Mini range

Go Mini stunt racers which may be raced in Race or stunt mode, plus there’s a fab Stunt Launcher to increase your collection should you wish. Or select from the top of the range Freestylers. These cars could keep the boys amused using their sound boxes and cool design.

Voice changer toy

Your kid boy is keen on cracking those voices and making fun while shouting among his friends. Gift him this voice changing device which can make him act like a devil or demon because he wishes. He can even become like his dad having a hoarse voice of his own. No more can he be screwed by anybody now because he has a great weapon to provide a sound reply. There are many strange voices available to come out through your little hero. Allow him to explore them!

Green Rocket

Interestingly produced from trash and powered by green energy, this blasting rocket is created by recycling two drink bottles and some old magazine pages. Stamp around the empty bottle and watch your rocket fly as much as 25 metres. Learn by pointing out underlying physics involved too making this an excellent science project in addition to gift. Great Gizmos have a product range on the market including a weather station and glove doll making kits which keeps children Age 8+ amused and help them learn science at the same time.


Boys as well as their toys! They love gadgets particularly when they have to do with music. Headphones are a good gift idea for boyfriend. We all need a pair of new, stylish, high quality headphones. And they also keep your ears warm the weather is getting colder.

Ravensburger 3D puzzles

The Ravensburger new 3D assortment of puzzles takes jigsaw concept to some completely new level. Using new technology with interlocking pieces puzzlers can take shape landmarks. Big Ben is really a 216 piece puzzle (bound to keep someone quiet for some time) and the proudly finished piece can be shown for all to see and remark on.

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