Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Top 6 Gift Ideas For 25th Wedding Anniversary

Traditionally silver wedding anniversary gifts are given to mark 25 years of married life. We love a bit of tradition here at FMAG so you'll find a whole bunch of extra special presents made from silver on these pages. Of course there are no rules that state your 25th anniversary gifts have to made from a precious metal, so we've also included some of the favourite gift ideas for a married couple in this section.

Some ideas to give the couple might be a personalized 25th anniversary gift, silver jewelry, a silver horseshoe decorated with flowers for good luck (hang the horseshoe with the opening pointing toward the ceiling), an engraved silver keepsake, silver home decor, or a silver framed picture of the couple or family are all appropriate gifts for this occasion.                            
Champaign Glasses

An anniversary without Champaign is not a true celebration. If there will be a party and a reason to raise a glass up in the air, getting a set of high quality Champaign glasses will prove to be not only a useful gift but also a stylish and luxurious token of celebration. Hopefully they will use the same glasses for their anniversary.                                                                                      
Diary-Style Book

There are some diary-style books with silver decorations. These would be a great gift for a 25th anniversary especially if their pages are not completely blank. It can be personalized presents by adding pictures and small stories that took place over the course of their marriage.

Elegant Linens

If you want your wife to be truly surprised on the 25th Anniversary night, then elegant linens are the way to go. Just think of how elegant she would look in a long silky dress. It’s advisable to pick something of a neutral color, but you could also opt for some hot red satin if you want to spice up your anniversary night.

Designer Handbags

Women love purses, and if they’re offered for a major event such as the 25th Anniversary then they value considerably more. Consider a Madison Leather bag if you have no idea what to choose, or try looking for her favorite signature brand in order to really delight her. If you want the surprise to be twice as high, consider buying a small gift and fitting it inside the handbag.

A Photo Album

It is important to pick a gift the couple would appreciate and a photo album is one of the most common yet popular picks. To make a better impression, it should be filled with photos that are organized chronologically. The parents will love to see themselves how they changed over the 25 years they’ve spent together.

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewels are classic when it comes to 25th anniversaries, but they definitely manage to make you special for offering them. You can even choose to personalize it with the place where you first met or where your very first date was. She will definitely regard it as very sweet. Try opting for a diamond heart-shape pendant, an earrings box set or something else, but it must necessarily come in silver.

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