Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Children's

Birthday gifts ideas for children's of all ages! Rather than relying upon manufacturer supplied age recommendations, we use real customer feedback and buying patterns to determine which of the toys and games will make the very best birthday party gift. Simply click on the relevant link below to see birthday gift ideas for the perfect birthday present.

After a birthday gift that not only thrills any toddler or preschooler, but one that helps them learn too? These present ideas are both educational and fun, so you can relax knowing you've given a birthday gift to foster development and your toddler or preschooler will have a play-worthy birthday present for years to come.      
Battle Ships

Battle Ships, the Djeco Battle Ships Strategy Game is fun for kids from the age of 5 years and up. With two magnetic boards, two sets of 5 boats, a collection of 30 blue and red pawns, as well as 16 model cards, the set also includes wooden stands and a beautiful heavy-duty box for storage that is shaped like a ship! With the average playing time for two people being around 10-15 minutes, this is an ideal game for youngsters who find it hard to concentrate for too long, and a great birthday gift for little boys or even little girls who like a bit of strategy.

Finger Puppets 

Finger Puppets are a great birthday gift idea for toddlers. Made from durable materials and easily washable in cold water, they are made to fit little fingers. With a different animal character for every finger, kids can set their imaginations free. The puppets are also small enough to pop into your child’s pockets when you’re heading out in the car, so they’ll have their finger puppet companions to keep them amused while on the read.

Board game

Board game for families, allowing players to test how worldly they are, while offering lots of information and facts about the world around us to kids as they play. With no dice or spinners, parents will thank you for this gift as well since clean-up is easy. Suitable for up to six players and for kids aged 9 years and over, the challenge is to influence your fellow players in order to win – just like in the real world.

Shape Sorting Cube

Shape Sorting Cube is made from quality wood materials and features vibrantly coloured block shapes to match. The lid is easily removed so that little fingers can retrieve the blocks without needing too much help from mum and dad, and slides in to secure the blocks for storage. Shape sorters have long been known as fantastic toys for helping toddlers and preschool aged children develop their fine motor skills, and this gorgeous take on the classic toy makes a lovely gift for littlies.

Stacking Castle

Stacking Castle by German toy manufacturer, Goki, is a 3-dimensional puzzle toy that will keep kids entertained for hours. Children need to figure out the right order to stack the wooden shapes to build the perfect castle. This toy is carefully designed with tiny tots in mind, meeting strict European and Australian quality and safety standards and requirements, and providing many opportunities for kids to fine-tune their fine motor skills. Suitable for kids from age 1 and up, this 15-piece set is a sweet gift for any preschool aged child.

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