Thursday, 26 June 2014

5 Unique Wedding Gifts For Couples

Choosing the right wedding gift for any young couple can seem challenging, however it doesn't have to be. Read on for some unique and inventive wedding gift ideas.

Buying a wedding gift for just about any couple can be really difficult, especially if the couple getting married are quite young. Most importantly, you want to give them a wedding gift which reflects your life's blessings and approval of their decision for marriage. The very best wedding gift ideas for young married couples are those that show them you are taking their wedding vows as seriously because they do, whilst harbouring a a little practicality or fun. And remember: all they want is to know you care and need them a happy future together!

Framed Pictures

Framed pictures make wonderful gifts because they’re extremely frugal and incredibly personal. With a digital camera, you are able to print high-quality pictures at most major drugstores and stores like Costco should you don’t have a good photo printer. Prints are often 10 cents or less. Be sure you search coupons before you go because most drugstores, like Walgreens, put out weekly coupons for his or her photo department.

Luxury Housewares

When you want to give the newlyweds something they require and will enjoy, look at the items on their own registry and see if you can kick them up a notch. Some couples list the things that are most practical, not probably the most luxurious. For example if they request cream colored cotton bathroom towels, buy them Egyptian cotton towels. Or maybe the ask for a standard coffee machine, but a luxury coffee maker that auto grinds the beans, brews different strengths of coffee, or brews in a thermos that keeps the coffee warm all night. When you upgrade the items which are already on their registry, you'll give them what they want and need, however with a little something extra.

Honeymoon Treat

Another often overlooked present is honeymoon treats. You'll first need to know where the couple goes, a few details about their trip, and som+2e of the hobbies and interests. The treat you surprise all of them with has endless possibilities. You may schedule a couples massage in a nearby spa, give them a present certificate to a nearby high-end restaurant, or purchase a fun filled tour or excursion. The important thing to making a honeymoon treat something they'll enjoy, is knowing the couple good enough to select something they will both enjoy.


When the couple getting married enjoys art you might have custom piece of art commissioned on their behalf, or you could buy them a piece by certainly one of their favorite artists. The piece you decide on could be something that is commemorative of the marriage, or something that can be enjoyed throughout the year. You could choose from handcrafted vases, woven baskets, photography, paintings, or other medium the couple enjoys. When purchasing art make sure you know the couples taste as artwork is one thing that can rarely be returned or exchanged.

Customized Gifts

Customizable gifts are a way to give a wedding gift that's different and one-of-a-kind. Even if you are sticking to the housewares items on their own registry, look for ways to change the gift. You can customize a present by seeing if it could be ordered in a special color that best matches their house decor. You could see if you might have the item inscribed or have unique embellishments put into it. Gifts that are simple to inscribe are housewares made from silver, glass, wood, or any king of metal.

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