Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

Animal lovers appreciate a thoughtful gift based on their love of creatures. Consider the style of the recipient when choosing the gift. While some people love parading around in the sweater embroidered with cat paw prints, others should you prefer a more subtle approach to the animal theme.

When it comes to looking for a gift with an animal lover, you must be careful. There are things that can offend their sensitive nature. Be sure that the gift you give to an animal lover either benefits helpless animals for some reason or shows your appreciation for his or her selfless feelings towards the animal kingdom. This can be a list of best gifts for animal lovers that we have compiled for you.


You can go in for little tidbits as gifts for that animal lover friends. These may be animal print T-shirts, key rings with animal pictures, footwear with animal logos, ecofriendly makeup and accessories and animal artwork. You can also buy little chew toys or small trinkets for that friend’s pets.

Another great idea for just about any gift. You can go ahead and buy animal paintings or posters for that animal lover friend. The posters or paintings might be framed using ecofriendly material.

Animal Book

Select a coffee table book for that animal lover. Determine the specific type of animal the recipient loves and choose a book that fits that theme. Options add a book full of photos of animals, a humorous gift book, a care manual or perhaps a book of quotes about animals. As with the other gifts, the specific personality and preferences of the recipient plays a part in the specific type of animal book that actually works best.

A handmade sock bunny

This can be a wonderful gift for animal lovers. For those who have made it with your own hands it will likely be a personalized gift as well. This cute toy toy is created using sock. To understand how to make it, you will get the method on the internet.

Eco friendly cat tree

It comes with an artificial tree available in the market that's made out of cedar wood and ostrich or chicken feathers for your cat’s pleasure. It can make for a wonderful play thing for your pet cat and will bring a grin towards the pet owner.

Photo Gifts

If the animal lover can be a pet owner, a photo gift of her pet provides a personalized gift option. Snap an image of the pampered pet and employ it to create a mouse pad, shirt, mug or ornament. Online photo stores give a number of photo gift options. If you would like crafts, consider making a pet scrapbook for the recipient. It becomes an ideal option if you have use of several photos of the pet through the years. You can also leave some of the scrapbook pages without any picture, allowing the recipient to incorporate more pictures of the pet afterwards.

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