Sunday, 1 September 2013

Handmade Christmas Cards - Easy tips to make Christmas cards

Christmas charisma is not yet been scattered everywhere as the month is originating nearer & nearer. We are all pretty excited within the hodge-podge of Christmas arrangements. A series of planning is also pointed in the center of my mind; getting a great look, how to décor the setting and celebrate Christmas with the more euphoria and ecstasy than ever before. All through the month of December, hype grows so on for Christmas. The décor from the ambiance gives a pleasant turn to the visitors. So to be able to assist you doing that perfectly, today I'm unfolding 20+ beautiful Diy & homemade Christmas card suggestions for 2013. You can make your own Christmas greeting cards by extracting ideas from the today’s collection.

Follow these tips to make a handmade Christmas card:
  • When you are painting a large piece of the Christmas card you should use a large tipped brush so that the brush will hold more paint and cover more area. Like if you are painting a patch of snow on your handmade 
  • Christmas card then you will want to use a larger tipped brush so you can cover more area with each stroke of the brush.
  • You can make the outlines of each item first and then let the paint dry and fill in the larger areas of what you are painting. You may need to redo some of the tiny lines on your cards if they get covered over.

  • You can use wax to help you keep your colors in place. Just put the wax where you don't want the paint to be.
  • You can use acrylic paints on card paper. You can use any color card paper like green or red but white is best since it is a good base to work on. Water colors can also be used but they are also harder to keep in place since they tend to like to run.
  • It is fun to make homemade Christmas cards with children. Children love to make homemade Christmas cards since they can be creative and they can feel like they are a part of the Christmas celebration. People enjoy getting Christmas cards that are homemade from the children they know. Making handmade Christmas cards with your children is fun for everyone and a great way to spend time with children.

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