Wednesday, 3 July 2013

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Do you need gift ideas for your senior high school grad? High school graduation is a big milestone in a teen's life, marking no more one journey and the oncoming of another. With just the right gift, you are able to help your favorite grad commemorate the wedding. Check out our pick from the top 5 mementos to help mark this special achievement.

Should you follow human interest stories on television or online, you may think there’s a brand new trend in graduation gifts. You will find reports of 18-year-olds receiving European vacations, BMWs and cosmetic surgery to mark the momentous occasion. How will you compete with that?

Fortunately, such excessive gifting trends would be the exception, not the norm. Traditional graduation presents are the way to go. They are just as meaningful towards the recipient than any elaborate gesture. Take a look at a few gift suggestions which are appropriate for the high school graduate in your list.


Great things are available in small packages. Jewelry is really a traditional gift its recipient can also enjoy for a lifetime. A beautiful locket, bracelet, charm or frame constitutes a lovely gift for a girl, while guys may should you prefer a handsome watch, money clip, cufflinks for men, keychain or pen. You don’t need to break the bank with a Rolex or perhaps an expensive necklace from Tiffany’s, actually personalizing the jewelry will make it special and it is an affordable service provided by places like Things Remembered. An inspirational engraving can make your gift the ideal keepsake for that grad.


Many new graduates already are well established in the technology department, however they may appreciate a novelty to increase their collection. It seems a brand new gadget hits the market every single day. Check out the new pen scanners, or smart pens. These amazing devices record audio and link it to notes which could easily be downloaded to a computer. Pen scanners save the consumer a ton of typing time and can be found with a variety of bells and whistles - from music composition to language translation.

If you don’t feel comfortable delving in to the realm of the latest devices, consider some kind of accessory, such as a personalized laptop case. And each electronic junkie needs a beautiful charging valet. These clever little stations are available in a variety of styles and enable the consumer to charge a number of gadgets all at one time.

Memory makers
Graduation gift ideas can also be called commencement because it’s the start of the rest of the graduate’s life. Help the gift recipient record this once-in-a-lifetime journey with memory-making items. Digital camera models and flip cams are an easy way to go. If that’s too steep for the budget, put together a slew of scrap booking materials, including several photos and memorabilia from senior high school. Add a creative storage box to keep the items so the busy graduate may have everything in place when the time comes to place the scrapbook together.


After 13 approximately years in the classroom, most graduates are comfy with the concept of following instructions from the book. That’s why books like,How you can Win Friends and Influence People and also the Seven Habits of Impressive People are so incredibly successfully. These life guides offer advice and direction to readers because they make their way in this complicated grown-up world. Bookstores are full of self-help books on subjects which range from business to relationships. Biographies on everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Shaquille O’Neal are another supply of motivation for readers. Consider giving your personal grad a copy of a book that inspired you, and give a notation inside sharing why it is meaningful to you.

A present of cash gift may seem impersonal, as well as the graduate, it’s highly practical. If the grad plans to enter college or even the workforce, money may be an issue. College expenses reach way beyond tuition and board - you will find books, computer supplies, transportation, groceries and a whole lot. If cold hard cash just seems freezing and hard, opt for a gift card towards the graduate’s favorite shopping spot. Or purchase and frame one stock from the successful, well-known corporation.

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