Thursday, 9 May 2013

Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are a way to gives plenty of little gifts in one big package. These baskets in many cases are themed, so if you have a chocolate lover in your lifetime, make her a chocolate gift basket. A lot of things are made from chocolate so you can think of a creative and delicious combination to provide her. Chocolate is also very easily available, so you won't have to look far for the items.

Fruit and Chocolate Basket

Chocolate-dipped strawberries along with other fruits are delicious and never too difficult to make. Gather a few of these pre-dipped fruits and put them in a decorative box somewhere within the basket where they won't get smashed. Use in the basket some chocolate for melting as well as an array of fresh fruits as well. A few of these fruits include any type of berry, apples and oranges. Fasten a card that explains how you can melt the chocolate and dip the fruits.

Fudge Basket
Chocolate fudge is really a rich dessert favorite that will make a great gift. You will get tins of various sizes and set a different flavor of fudge in every tin. White and milk chocolate are musts, but when you know any of his other favorite flavors, include them also. Arrange all of these tins inside a basket.

S'mores-Themed Basket

S'mores is a delicious treat for children and adults. Make a basket which includes all the ingredients to make S'mores, with some chocolate-covered marshmallows to snack on. Ingredients incorporate a bag of marshmallows, several bars of chocolate candies along with a box of graham crackers. You may also add special toppers, for example sprinkles, to the gift basket.

Sweets Basket

For the chocolate bar lover, fill a container with an assortment of popular sweets, as well as some lesser-known gourmet bars. A lot of companies offer organic, sugar-free or other specialty sweets, so cater the gift basket for your recipient's tastes and health restrictions.

Hot cocoa Basket

Hot chocolate is fairly simple to make if you have all the ingredients. Come up with a basket that includes various hot cocoa mixes, along with extras like candy canes and cinnamon. You can purchase these mixes at the store, or make them yourself and put all of the ingredients together in mason jars.

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