Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Birthday Gifts Teen Girls Would Most like to Receive

It can be overwhelming trying to decide on the perfect gift for a teenage girl. Sometimes it might seem they won't like anything you choose, but don't worry, they will. I have three daughters, one of whom is fifteen and a half, and I can definitely relate! Instead of guessing (and assuming) what they would like, here are the top five answers from teen girls themselves.

1) Cash or gift cards to choose their own gift. Of course, this is the most obvious and easiest gift, and not all that personal. It is the most requested gift, so perhaps a combination of a small personal gift and cash or a gift card would be perfect. You can buy gift cards for almost anything! 

2) Nail polish, perfume and make-up was requested often. I think it might be difficult to know exactly what type to purchase and a gift card for a teen accessory store would work well for these. Claire's is found in many shopping malls across the country, is inexpensive and has a very good selection of items for teen girls. A Target gift card would work well for this too!

3) Pre-pay for an appointment at a Nail Salon for a manicure, pedicure or both! Even better, set an appointment for both of you to go together. My daughter and I have had a lot of good conversations in nail salons. If you don't get to spend a lot of time together, this one is perfect.

4) Cell phones and other electronic items (video games, laptop, etc.). Teen girls love to have the latest cell phone, and this was high on the list. If you aren't sure which which kind to buy, ask at an electronics store or a store like Best Buy.

5) Concert tickets to see one of their favorite bands/musicians. Other than cash, this is the best gift my fifteen year old daughter would most like to receive. If you prefer to purchase online, as both of those sites offer concert tickets to the most popular shows. Just be sure her tastes haven't changed since the last time you asked her what type of music she likes.

If you choose a gift (or two) from this list, you'll be sure to make a teenage girl very happy on her birthday, and maybe even just a little bit longer!

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