Thursday, 14 March 2013

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Your Man

Whether you and your boyfriend have been dating for 3 months or three years, he should have a wonderful present of your stuff whenever he celebrates his birthday.

Here are a few great and romantic gift ideas to own most special man in your lifetime on his birthday:

Naughty jar

You can fill up a glass jar with paper chits. In every chit mention one romantic aspect of your relationship. You can get imaginative and write down some naughty things too! Once it’s made just question to pick one chit out every day and read it before going to office!

Fortune cookies

Fortune cookies are not only for grandmothers. Bake your personal special batch with a naughty fortune message inside! So allow him to savour the delectable taste of the cookies after which let him open the notes inside to show what you have in store for him!

The first kiss

Take him towards the place where you two first kissed! Use clues to lead him towards the place. Then when he gets there, kiss him! This really is one gift he will always remember - fondly!

Romantic getaways

You can purchase a travel gift voucher for any romantic weekend getaway. Then leave some rose petals to clues that eventually result in the voucher! He will be extremely pleased.

Treasure hunts

We bet you played treasure hunts when you were kid. Well then you realize the rules of the game! Just place one clue somewhere where he’ll find it in the morning. That clue should cause him to another place where he'll find the next clue. Your link of clues should cause him to the hidden gift! Great way to keep him guessing!

Couple's Massage

Many spas provide a couple's massage. Booking a trip to a spa in which a husband and wife can enjoy a side-by-side professional massage allows them to relax together and could be the perfect beginning to a carefree day of enjoying other amenities in the spa together or simply using a night on the town feeling rejuvenated and romantic.

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