Thursday, 24 January 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Valentine's Day is the day of celebrating love and also the various emotions associated with it. Celebrated around the 14th of February, every year, your day inspires us to express our love and let our near and dear ones understand how much they mean to us.

Snack gift baskets

Gift your husband a gift basket full of hazelnut chocolate cocoa, sweet butter cookies, wine and cheese biscuits, dry roasted peanuts, plus a cheddar cheese straw. You can search for many more stuff like salted pistachios, white cheddar popcorn, and casino chips.

Romantic Gifts

A romantic gift idea for husbands is really a gift basket that is all about romance and require. Items can include a certificate for any couples massage at an adults-only resort, engraved jewelry, adult toys and sex vouchers, wine or champagne, chocolate body frosting, a customized music CD that contains sexy love songs or sexy photographs of you taken with a professional photographer.


Is your husband a fashionista? Watches have perpetually been an irresistible upgrade on every man. Men love wearing luxury designer watches. On Valentines day, get the husband a smart watch that he continues to be eyeing for quite some time. There are several watches, of different brands to fit your husband's personality, easily available within the market. Pick one, that is well designed and supported with a set of useful functions. Every time he looks at the time, you who will be ticking on his mind.

Love letter

Whoever said writing love letters was cliché? Writing your husband a Juliet-styled love letter isn't cliché. We seem to have forgotten this wonderful time of words and a simple sheet of paper. You will want a pen and write an appreciation letter for your husband. For additional drama, burn the sheet slightly within the borders.

Home Spa

Set up a spa at home to cope with your husband to a massage if the budget does not allow for the indulgence of a couples massage. Spread a silk sheet inside your bed and place scented candles throughout. Keep aromatherapy oils quietly table that you should reach easily when rubbing his back.

Wear something naughty while found on his back and pressing ruthless points for example his lower neck to create the tension. Bend close to his ear every once in awhile to whisper something romantic.

Personalized grooming kit

A grooming kit might be a special way to show your husband your boyfriend or girlfriend and care for him. A grooming kit can include various beauty and health care items for instance shaving foam, razor, shampoo as well as other toiletries. If you want to make it more fancy, you can even include perfumes or deodorants, bath oils, shower gels, loofah, etc.

Photo frame

Gift your husband a beautiful photo frame that comes with a beautiful photo of you two. You can pick a photo from a vacation you have enjoyed one of the most with him. It will be the wonderful memory that he will love forever.

Office accessories

Office accessories like monogrammed pen stands, picture frames, leather bags, dresser sets, business card holders, paperweights are such great things to gift for Valentine. There are also many items besides these the man could make use of at his office. In the event you personalize the one accessory that you’re prone to gift him, it will be even better.

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