Saturday, 22 December 2012

Best Christmas Gifts for your Wife

Wife is the most important person in your lifetime, who shares every phase of it along with you, be it happiness or some type of crisis. In the time of sadness you take to her and similarly at that time of festivities and celebrations she'd be the first person you consider sharing the happiness with. One of the ways of expressing your love, appreciation and true feelings to her is as simple as gifting her nice presents with Christmas in wings you have a wonderful chance to pamper her. So select a special Christmas gift for your wife making her feel loved and special this festival.

Unsexy lingerie

For much of women, underwear is a practical necessity; there to ensure that they're supported and chafe-free. So when you are looking at Christmas, the opportunity arises for husbands the planet over to spoil their wives with lingerie that's less drab and more fab. Buying your spouse lingerie the shade of porridge or that appears like it’s been swiped from the retirement home’s laundry isn’t going to fill her with full confidence, and may even offend her. “Do you actually think I’m that dull?", she'll ask. Husbands take note; be adventurous, but don’t get carried away and end up with a gift bag full of PVC and suspenders.

Accessories gift basket

There are several other accessory items for ladies , besides jewelery, that can be presented as Christmas gift. Perfumes of her choice, a handbag or tote, silk scarves, a leather jacket, a lavish bathrobe, an evening dress having a pair of matching stilettos, a silk nightgown, aviator glasses and designer boots for ladies. You can also gift her, her favorite beauty items, and what could be better than a gift basket full of each one of these items as a Christmas present.

Personalized gifts

Can other things be more unique and special than the usual gift personally made by you! Yes, that you can do some efforts and present her with gift items having a touch of personalized elements , as an old photograph, poetry, love messages and many more. You can buy her cushions, pillows, bed covers, coffee mugs, wine glasses or picture frames and many other items like these and obtain images or messages, print, engraved or embroidered in it. You would not be able to imagine the amazing response that you're going to get later.


Though women aren't actually as crazy about gadgets and technological objects as males are but, if it is an object of necessity and grave importance then this type of present will be truly valued, and who doesn't have such gadgets these days. You are able to gift her a laptop on her professional life, an I Pod on her music collection, or an I Phone. Gift her a camera or handy cam to capture all of the lovely moments with you and Radio for her kitchen. You can also give her, kitchen or any other household machineries like a microwave , a toaster, as well as other stuff that would make her work easier.

Music and movie gift hamper
Everybody loves music and your wife could be no exception. This Christmas, gift her a group of all the music of her choice, her favorite artists and albums. You may also gift her some movie DVDs of her choice , including some classic Christmas movies. Keep her choice in consideration and gift her this entertainment gift package.


Tread careful, hubbies. Clothes are a tricky business when it comes to the feminine species. Too dowdy and you’ve unintentionally labeled your Mrs. like a premature grandmother; too slutty and you’re implying that you would like your missus to be a younger, hotter model. And that’s before you’ve reached the size, which can be a minefield of misjudgment. Too large and she’ll think you see her like a whale; too small and she’ll feel fat. Avoid any arguments on Christmas Day by dodging clothes altogether in your Christmas shopping spree. Unless you’re Ralph Lauren himself, then suggest taking your spouse on a shopping trip instead.

Gym membership

Husbands could see signing their wife up to and including gym as the perfect way of spending time together or like a great gift that will last all year long. No matter how many reasons you come up with, your spouse may take offence at your gesture and begin believing you want them to lose weight. Not just that, but willing someone else’s time away isn’t always a sensible move. Signing her up to and including gym might make your wife feel obliged hitting the treadmill more than her schedule allows.


As much as chocolate can be a woman’s best friend, it is also their worst enemy. Chocolate can feel like the perfect gift at Christmas time, with shops filled with the stuff in every shape, size and colour imaginable. But showering your spouse with chocolate coins or a luxury selection of truffles will finish in tears, as a woman’s self-control with regards to chocolate is as robust as a Christmas cracker. No husband really wants to go through the rigmarole of their wife moaning about how exactly much they’ve eaten and how fat they think, so avoid this altogether and go for fat-free perfume instead.

Gift vouchers

Are you aware your wife at all? Gift vouchers aren’t precisely the most personal gift you could share with your wife and are the sort of generic proclaiming to offer you would expect to win inside a raffle or from a ‘secret Santa’ at work - not in the person who is supposed to know you thoroughly. Gift vouchers are convenient, time-saving and easily available, which aren’t the benefits you should be swayed by when selecting a gift for your other half. Personalised gifts and different or hard to come by presents will say ‘I love you’ greater than a gift card, no matter how much it’s worth.

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