Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What Is Easter Sunday?

Ester is the day of love & joy and start spring. It signifies because the day on which Christ, the son of god become alive after crucifixion. Your day is marked with celebrations & fun activities for that Christian. The date of Easter Sunday changes each year. The first Sunday after the first ecclesiastical full moon is generally taken as the date for Easter Sunday. The ecclesiastical full moon generally occurs on or after 21st March every year, which is also celebrated as the day's ecclesiastical vernal equinox. Date of Easter 2012 is 8 April.

Celebrations on Ester Sunday

The Easter Sunday is really a widely held holiday throughout America. American families celebrate this very day with their families & friends by playing Ester games. Ester Sunday is marked with Ester egg which signifies the womb where the life emerges. Several Ester eggs are decorated with color and knick knacks and then they are hidden at different places in the home on the preceding Saturday night. Following day, on ester Sunday, children are told that bunny had hidden eggs for you personally at the night that you have to find for that gifts inside them.

Christians exchange gifts using their loved ones on this day. Chocolates & candies are given to mark the occasion. Greeting cards decorated with well wishes & ester messages receive to each other. People go to church with families within the afternoon to offer prayers.

This Sunday is really a special one hence delicious desserts are arranged to celebrate this occasion. Individuals are in festive mood to savor new dresses specially designed for this day.

Ester Sunday celebrations at church

Church activities about this day are special with number of beautiful flower decorations of ester lilies & installing of banners throughout the church premises. Usual musical instruments are today substituted for special brass ones and church band plays the music to celebrate this very day with grace & vigor. Prayers are organized whatsoever churches to pray for the longevity of the Christ after his rebirth.

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