Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Finding the perfect birthday gift ideas for girls isn’t always an easy thing to do. Even as a mum or dad who is supposed to know their little girl best (well, besides the small  fact that she is not that little anymore) it can be a hard job to find the best birthday gift ideas for our daughters. Most girls or teenagers know exactly what they want and have a pretty precise idea of the perfect birthday gift ideas that aren’t necessarily the ones the parents would have chosen.

Making and giving a homemade birthday gifts represents your care and love for the recipients, because you give your precious time in creating something very special for them. It’s more personal and special than buying something, don’t you think so? If you think and like homemade gift; this article is very interesting for you. It deals with homemade birthday gift ideas for both men and women.

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls / Women

At the time of developing gifts for someone, you must consider the choice of the individual because gifts for a guy will be totally different from the gifts for a girl. Some homemade birthday gift for girl can include a deliciously scented bath gifts, Jewelry, homemade scent etc. Although, the discussion is  prolong, hence we are restricting ourselves only for two ideas; Bead bracelet and lavender heart. These are Great Homemade Gift Ideas to gift to a Girl on her Birthday.

You can make a bead bracelet simply by using memory wire and beads. To make it, take some memory wire from a craft store, and pierce some spare beads in it and get something funky to match an outfit. It is very easy to make also, you can make it in 30 minutes only and can show your special love and care for your friend.

Making a Lavender heart is also a perfect gift for a girl and easy to make also. To make it, just print out the heart template then cut around the heart shape. Trace this heart template twice on a piece of fabric, and cut it twice. After that sew the heart shape fabric and fill small fabric pieces or cotton, your home made gift is ready to give So to get homemade birthday gift ideas, have a look at your spare things and think what you can do with them.


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