Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Check stunning collection of Marcasite jewelry at Johareez.com

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Marcasite jewelry has been around for centuries, with early examples discovered in Incan ruins and Egyptian tombs. Marcasite was considered to have therapeutic properties and was often used like a healing stone. Many cultures also believed marcasite would attract wealth and inspire creativity.

It had been during Queen Victoria's reign that marcasite jewelry gained great popularity. After her husband died, Queen Victoria donned only dark clothing and jewelry to represent her widowhood, and the masses followed suit. Marcasite brooches were a Victorian favorite, in addition to lockets, cameos and earrings.

The marcasite utilized in jewelry today is a form of iron pyrite. Using its metallic luster and fiery sparkle, marcasite has additionally been called Fool's Gold. When cut with facets, marcasite shimmers like tiny diamonds, but is a lot more affordable.

A woman feels like on top of the world whenever she sports alluring Jewelry designs. For women, they are a pure fascination. They like to flaunt off their style by sporting luscious Jewelry moreover that like to match stylish and classic jewelry designs using their formal and informal wear. In the earlier days, queens used to beautify themselves with breathtaking ornaments that have been beautifully crafted in luscious metals boasting luminous gemstones like diamond, opal, emerald, ruby, amethyst, aquamarine, topaz and tanzanite.

Jewelry designs mainly include necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and anklets. To cater the passion for women for Jewelry, markets are packed with numerous designs that it sometimes becomes difficult for them to select the right because they want to buy all. Aside from physical stores, Jewelry can be purchased online because it saves one’s time, money, effort and. A leading and reliable name on the planet of online Jewelry shopping is Johareez.com, it showcases the biggest collection of Jewelry online.

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