Tuesday, 14 April 2015

5 Sentimental First Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

First anniversary is a special time for every married couple. It is the first chance for them to celebrate their anniversary of their union. Everyone wants to use this opportunity to show their love on one another.  The one of the best way to express how much you love your relationship is presenting your partner with the best gift. When it comes to searching on first anniversary gift ideas, you will come across many categories including unique, sentimental, creative, traditional gift ideas.

Anniversaries are celebrated with good reason. It’s a time to show your gratitude, love and acknowledgement for the life you have built with your partner. This occasion marks another year in marriage and you can take advantage of the day to shower your wife with best gifts ideas.So what can you buy your wife on this day? Well, we have a few suggestions that you can use to create the perfect anniversary for your special lady. Below are some of the finder.com.au recommendations.                          
Wedding Keepsakes

The Top first anniversary gift ideas is wedding keepsakes. In fact, first anniversary is the good time to gift the keepsake to memorialize your recent wedding. Framed cartoon caricatures or your photos in wedding clothes are the cool ways to make her recollect the beautiful occasion. Framed decorative marriage certificate is also the finest one of wedding keepsakes.

Plan a Staycation

Book a cool boutique hotel or bed and breakfast in your city (or one close by) for a night of romance and celebration. Be sure to plan in advance to have a sitter lined up for your kids. Decorate the room ahead of time with roses and candles, and enjoy a quiet night in for that one thing that women always want: quality time. For extra pampering, choose a hotel that also has a spa or one that offers in-room massages, or give her a massage yourself. Many hotels have special booking packages for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays.


The 1st anniversary is traditionally known as the “Paper anniversary”.  Hence, the present using paper is an appropriate idea from the list of first anniversary gift ideas. Painting, framed art, books, stationary are creative paper anniversary gifts. Everyone likes money; hence, money, gift certificates and saving bonds are some of the best things to present. Another paper gift idea is present a scrapbook filled with memories. Add the pictures of your wedding present, honeymoon and other special event of you both.

Gift Basket

gift basket and fill it with the items that she likes. You can present your sweetheart with a box of her favorite chocolate or bunch of beautiful flowers. Load the basket with Pansies, the customary 1st anniversary flower.  Bouquet of red rose is also a wonderful choice to propose your love. Alternatively pack the basket with a DVD of romantic songs, make up set, bath set, movie tickets, vouchers for shopping in her favorite store. Decorate the basket with attractive color tissue papers.


Write your sweetheart with a love letter. Love letter or poetry is the excellent one among the list of first anniversary gift ideas. Use this gift as the way to show your feelings for her. Include what you cherish in your 1 year of marriage life, sure it will makes her happy. Write the letter with colorful glitters and decorate it with pictures, stars etc. Roll down the letter and pack it with gift paper. Alternatively, you can write her a love song.

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