Friday, 27 February 2015

Personalized Gift Ideas for Baby's First Birthday

Best First Birthday Gifts for baby can be found in many types with varied price range. People often think that the first birthday gift should be toys, as it’s the most common thought which comes in mind whenever we select a gift for the baby. But you should also think that whether the first birthday gift that you are giving is actually beneficial for the baby or not. For getting the birthday gift for baby, we need to consider its practicality for him. Don’t get something useless for the first year baby. Although first year baby are too young to appreciate your gift, unless you get something interesting for him/her.

Jigsaw Puzzles

As your baby grows, see him solve the puzzle only to find his name embossed on it. You can find jigsaw puzzles made from wood with bright and colorful designs including the baby’s name. Such puzzles generally have a glossy finish preventing the pieces from hurting your baby. Truly a unique and original personalized gift idea for a baby-turning-into-toddler!


Clothes are, indeed, one of the most common presents gifted on a baby’s birthday. But you can add fun and uniqueness to the usual clothes by personalizing them. Get the baby’s name or initials engraved or printed on its clothing, such as shirts, hats, caps, bibs, napkins, frocks, and trousers. Let the baby reveal its own personality with this one-of-a-kind gift.

Baby Blankets

Blankets have been an all-time favorite gift for babies. They are highly personal and appreciated for many years. While everyone is in the race of gifting personalized gifts, why should you be left behind? Add a special and personal value to the regular blankets by getting the baby’s name and vital statistics embroidered on them. Accompany the basics with cute sayings and heartfelt quotes. Not only will the parents of the baby be delighted, it will strength your connection with the baby and the family.

Soft Baby Dolls

A gentle baby doll is such a precious gift for the little girl. As a 1 year old she’s just beginning to show compassion and feelings towards such things as dolls. Getting her a gentle doll will make it an ideal doll for her to sleep with at naptimes.


Jewelry is loved by one and all, be it the oldies, youngsters or babies. Right from diamond to gold to silver, there are innumerable options open to gift a baby with a precious piece of jewelry. Monogrammed pendants, stretch alphabet bead, pearl bracelets with baby’s name engraved, and charm pendants featuring the photograph of the baby are some unique ways of delighting parents and their baby.

Red Wagon

A wagon is a straightforward and traditional toy that’s suitable for giving to a birthday boy because he turns 1. Though adult supervision is needed, a classic red wagon could be a gift that lasts for many years. Children can ride inside a wagon once they can sit and continue playing using the toy as they get older and use it for pulling around their very own items. Wagons can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so make use of your budget as a guideline when choosing this type of a birthday gifts.

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