Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Top 5 Christmas Gift For The Gadget Lover

Guys are constantly looking for the most recent gadgets to show off to their buddies, play around with in your own home, and to enjoy throughout their free time. Unfortunately this year has yielded a whole lot of electronics and gadgets that it’s that can compare with a child in a candy look for any techie or gamer! With Christmas perfect around the corner, we make it easier than ever to obtain him exactly what he wants this holiday! Here are some gadgets that make great Christmas gifts.

GM-M7800S Wireless Computer Mouse

The ubiquitous computer mouse gets some beautification courtesy Gigabyte. Gigabyte has encrusted the GM-M7800S wireless computer mouse with Swarovski crystals to give it an oh-so-sexy look. Leather is yet another material that makes the GM-M7800S wireless mouse feel a little more special. Advanced laser tracking, 1600/800 adjustable resolution, tilt wheel along with a nano receiver are standard bits around the wireless mouse that works on 2.4GHz wireless technology. The GM-M7800S wireless computer mouse comes in at an affordable $60.

HD Helmet HERO

Adventure buffs attempting to capture all their death defying moves on camera will love the HD Helmet HERO from GoPro. This waterproof high-definition camera comes with its own mounts that will allow you to wear it while you attempt that record setting bungee jump. The camera also has an ultra-wide 170 degree view to satisfy even the most avid wide view photographers. You may also snap pics automatically its two and a half hours. The camera could be worn on your head using a helmet or can be installed on vehicles too. You can buy the HD Helmet HERO this Christmas for $229.

NES3 Christmas Gift

Nintendo has always been good at controllers. Even the GameCube’s purple Space Invader would be a cult favourite, but the original NES controller can be a bonafide classic. Based on the two-button eighties original, the NES30 gamepad has updated Bluetooth innards making it compatible with pretty much anything running iOS, Android, Mac OS X or Windows.

Artist Series A40 Headphones

Gamers like to collect everything associated with their favorite characters. The folks at ASTRO Gaming realize that. So, they just went ahead to produce the Artist Series A40 Headphones. These headphones feature the insignias of popular gaming characters ranging from RayGun to the Bone Shield. The fully adjustable headphones will reproduce crystal clear sound, giving you an enjoyable gaming experience. The A40 Headphones also come with a quick-disconnect cable and multiple ends, a MixAmp cable along with a standard dual-jack PC connector with in-line volume and mute control. All of this sits in a smart carrying case. The A40 headphones sell for $341.

Specchio Wi-Fi Digiframe

Digiframes have quickly replaced the photo frames of yore. Here is another such digiframe which goes beyond just being another digiframe. The Specchio Wi-Fi digiframe displays pics. When it isn't doing that, it'll double up as a mirror. Like its name suggests, it will even use Wi-Fi to receive emailed photographs. Additionally, it may connect to online photo sharing services like Flickr and display your pics after that. All this functionality makes the $500 Specchio Wi-Fi Digiframe very versatile and dear too.

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