Friday, 14 March 2014

Easter Gift Ideas for Boyfriend 2014

Easter is all about showering your special ones with love and being loved generously in exchange. So, if you wish to make your guy feel special, then gifting him something nice on Easter will be a lovely idea. There are an innumerable number of presents available which are solely customized for men. There are many of things like shaving lotions, suds, beer and ale that the man would instinctually buy for himself. However, there are tons of other important items that he would happily stall buying until someone gets it for him. Occasions like Easter are a great way to shower your guy with gifts he wouldn't say no to. If you have already chose to buy your dad, brother, boyfriend or cousin a gift, then checking the gift stores or asking him what his preferred choices will make gift-hunting less miserable for you.

Personalized Treasures

For a more personalized, special gift provide your boyfriend something from the heart. A personalized Easter basket or retro candy together with his name on it can be a good idea. For the comedian, "passive aggressive parking tickets" that allow his enemies know exactly how he feels regarding their crappy parking can be fun. If he's the artistic type, buy a blank rubber ducky and give him markers to decorate. For the more conservative boyfriend a wine basket with chocolates or Easter hand-dipped fortune cookies are certain to make him smile.

Sport Adventures

For that adventure enthusiast, treat your boyfriend for an outdoor activity. Race-car driving adventures are a good gift and can range from two- to 60-lap courses; they're offered at various racetracks across the United States and Europe. Gift adventures would be the latest rage and include water sports, sky diving, zorbing (rolling inside a huge transparent ball) and power boating, for starters. From a day out to an entire weekend adventure, this really is sure to get your guy going.

Grooming Kits

Guys love a close shave. A grooming kit or personal-care item is really a useful gift that your boyfriend will appreciate. Grooming kits can be bought at a local salon, on the Internet or from the local pharmacy. For an extra special touch, go to your boyfriend's favorite barber or salon and find out what his barber or stylist recommends or uses during his visit. This will surely make a memorable gift for the special guy.


Fill a gift basket with items that will entertain him. Include DVDs, CDs, blank CDs he can use to burn his downloaded music, playing cards, dominoes plus a book of games he can play with them and dominoes. If he likes video games, and you also want to spend a little extra money, incorporate a game he can use on his system. Place accessories for his music player, such as ear buds or speakers, inside the basket as well.

Easter Egg Basket

The best Easter gift may be the traditional gift the Easter egg. The egg is really a symbol of new life which indirectly means resurrection of Christ. You can either make Easter eggs on your own or get them from the market. Though chocolate Easter eggs will be the favorite of most people, especially kids, they are available in many other flavors too. Making it interesting, you can give Easter eggs of different patterns and fashoins. On the other hand, if you are giving Easter eggs to children, give them things with which they can decorate the eggs.

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