Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Homemade Christmas Card Ideas

Homemade Christmas card ideas are ones that you can make with supplies you may already have on hand. Scrapbookers, rubber stampers, card makers, and other paper crafters start working on their hand-made Christmas cards months and months in advance. The ideas listed below will inspire your Christmas card making this year but also give you ideas for some new techniques to try.

Card making is a very popular paper craft. This Christmas try sending beautiful handmade cards to friends and family. They will treasure the sentiment and the very personal touch. This is a guide about homemade Christmas cards.

Christmas Crafts

This thought to be the undying and most excellent strategies to show your within your means though unselfish greetings to finish those around you. One would just need classic, pencil, ability paper, write, scissor, and solution.

Glittered Holiday Cards with Fold-In Shapes

The art of handmade holiday cards is a treasure for the creator and recipient alike. This season, try your hand at one of our many holiday-card craft ideas. Whether the sentiment is embossed, decked in ribbon, or encasing a prized photograph, the extra time will be well worth it when your cards are opened.

Ribbon Tree Cards

Sewing on paper is a beautiful and tidy alternative to tape or glue. On these cards, scraps of ribbon in graduating lengths are arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree; the sewn trunk secures them to the paper.

Cute Reindeer Christmas Card

Deliver a fun holiday message with this bright and cheery reindeer card. To make, fold a piece of patterned scrapbook paper in half lengthwise. Use a die-cutting tool to create various shapes; adhere to your card with scrapbook adhesive.

Easy snowman card

The snowman is made from two circles of cotton wool, glued in place on the front of the card. Even very young children can add faces, buttons and arms with a pencil or marker pen. We like to add a few falling snowflakes, made by sticking on some sequins. 

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