Thursday, 21 November 2013

Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Children

Kids can be difficult to buy for. You want to find gifts that challenge their minds, develop hobbies, and spur their imaginations, but that's not always easy to do. Our gift guide provides some gifts suggestions to get you started thinking about that perfect gift.

Looking for some unique and fun ideas for holiday gifts for kids? These great gift ideas are sure to be a hit with your kids, and anyone else who loves toys and games.

Mini Maestro

Kids love anything that is sized just for them, don’t they We’re certain this splurge-worthy Baby Grand Piano will your kid playing happy tunes the minute he lays his eyes on it. With 30 keys and a lid that opens and closes, this is one cool instrument. Got a girly girl? It’s available in pink, too.

Royal Flush

The royal baby craze may have died down, but these Castle Blocks still caught our eye. Surely Prince George would love them to build a replica of his home one day? And we bet your kiddo will get a kick out of the colorful turrets, stairways.

Secret Hideaway

Gift your preschooler a special place to call her own – the B. TeePee. This easy-to-assemble tent isn’t just fun to crawl into, it has a light that hooks to the top that projects stars. Prepare to hear “oohs” and ahhs.

Playskool Rocktivity Mix n Crawl DJ Ball

A combo shape-learning toy, ball and music maker, Playskool's DJ ball is the newest addition to its Rocktivity line of baby-friendly "instruments." This toy rolls around just as you’d expect. Flip it open and infants and toddlers can press the shapes to trigger lights and music — including versions of "Get the Party Started" and  as well as a turntable.

Hot Wheels Car Maker 

Turning your den into a small-scale Detroit, Hot Wheel's Car Maker kit includes two car frame molds, 11 "Protoshotz" sticks of colored wax and three complete car chassis. Insert the molds, turn on the maker and kids are led by voice instruction as they melt wax and create their own car. The vehicles can be customized further with stickers. Then everything can be broken down.

Crayola DigiTools Paint Pack 

Tablet-based drawing apps tend to be too complex for young kids to grasp and actually have fun. Crayola's DigiTools simplifies the process with its kid-tested app and approachable physical accessories like a functioning digital paintbrush, an air brush and a paint roller. Kids can learn elements of drawing, color mixing, tracing, stenciling and swirling — all without ruining your carpet.

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